Price of "space" sticker and "plate steel" bundle

It’s me or the devs really want to disgust everyone to play by any means …



I’m pretty sure that is just a test to see at what amount players will be willing to spend to get cosmetics. Nobody buy it and wait till it gets super low lol

It was stated in the “patch notes” that the price will go down over time but there will only ever be one of each sold (or at least that’s how I interpreted it).

Wait is that real? _*checks ingame* _Oh.My god. Welp, it is paint/decorations after all so they can charge 1 billion GS for all I care, and to be fair I am also curious to see how many people will buy that.

I’m not supposed to have an opinion but, that’s an awful lot GS…

Its an experiment to test how stupid the playerbase is.

To test how much one would spend for a worthless item in some ridiculous spaceship game.


These bundles are about 2000€ and 1000€ right now.


Sorry, but i can’t not be cynical about this.

Also for note the container isn’t visible in the store for me so I can’t even witness this in person