Preparation-U -Preparation of a Universe-


This post is about introducing concepts to the game that make up parts of what a universe will consist of. For example, we have concept at the moment, and a means to commit it, which will in effect will take place in the open universe; As we continue on we can add to the game “modules” of micro-aspects to give the game mechanics for the various walks of life, with out actually adding the universe yet. So in short, we can have a test of what is to come (Which the mechanics of all of the ways of life are combined into the universe).


Long has the mighty three races lived in their home systems, rarely venturing out into the cosmos to settle in deep space, that time has come to an end ,as the three races step forward unified seeking technological advancement (Jericho), Trade (Federation) or Conquest (Empire)

Module One: Corporate Wars And Conquest

This module will be added to advance the Corporation’s purpose in the Game. the objective of the micro-module is to increase the focus of clans to gain an objective, levels and more.

How it will be on Module release

Note: Design of the universe will be incorporated in this module.

  • Create a list of names. These names will serve as the name of planets. For example, in the list is Earth, Mars, Etc.

  • Create Generic (instanced) maps to correspond to these planet(s) Name(s).

  • Create a system of conquest for these planets. (see below)

  • Create a Module list for players to pick a home-world from that list. For example, there is a list of 100 planets, over 25 systems, they can pick as their home world. when the universe go’s live, corporations will undoubtedly attack, and conquer other corporation’s planets (each with its own objectives in the area they wish to claim as their “territory”.Later the planets will serve purpose’s for trade; as each planet will produce an item(s) for trade at the station in the sector of the planet (this is how trade will tie in with guild conquest)

Planets will consist of various generic types


Each planet will have benefits, and trade goods produced. for example, water and earthen worlds will have the highest populations, while frozen, desert produce the most minerals, Carbon/Methane worlds produces gas’s, and lava worlds produce Advanced minerals like crystals, gold and uranium.

Right now there will be a list of systems that will pop up. Each list will show its owner, an action that can be taken, and the status of the planet. Something Like this:


Its important to note: Population will be on planets, as the population increases, so does its production. Also The higher the population the more defense ships will spawn to defend the planet. Something like 1 AI Ship per ever 250m population (max 5 + players from guild).

From this point we just need to design a capture mechanic for a system, and ruling to conquest and defense.

Conquest and Defense:

The best way to do this is to make as follows

  • If attacker (Ceo) chooses to attack a sector, He can issue “attack” protocols. Each attack costs 150,000 Credits, warns the defending corporation, and gives them time to prepare.

- If attacker (Ceo) Choose to issue and pay the fee, the Defender will receive a notice (either via in game mail or corporate mail)

- I thought about the best way of deciding how long a notification is given to a defending corporation and i figured it best with a minimum 2 hour time which increases based on the distance of the attackers him world to their target. The universe will be grid based. consisting of so many square (grid points) Each system in a grid. Each grid 1 light year. If the attacking location is 4 light years away, then and equation will take effect:

X amount of time X 4 + 2 hours.


10 minutes (Per light year) * 4 Light years = 40 minutes + 2 hours, 2 hours 4 minutes time tell Corporation members can “Join battle” (and option provided on the guild interface)

- An attack can only be issued every 12 or 24 hours on one system.

From here you have clan battles, etc. You can also add to the “corporation list” a change, instead of basing top clan off “kills” you can base it off planets / systems owned

this can play an important part in the universe, because you need all planets under your control to for example, have solar sovereignty. This can have bonus effects on the universe.

How it will be on Universe Release

After the universe is added, the release of this mechanic will upgrade the value of specific types of planets.

Each type of planet will produce a specific type of trade good, From here PvP conquest is complete with the exception of adding upgrades for various sovereign levels. See Trade for more info.

Module Two: Trade

How it will work on release

the only way i can think of adding this is to allow players to have the ability to travel from one planet to the next doing the trade. This will require

  • Trade system below to be added (a temp one can be made, but its best just to write the code for it the first time around)

  • adding trade ships

  • adding cargo space to ships.

How it will work on Universe release

Once you have planets under your control, your corporation’s stations (in each sector) will have trade posts.

The planets under your control will transfer a set amount of goods per an hour based on the population of the planet.

this will be the generation mechanic for trade. Trade rates will be based on the supply of that station. So if supply of copper for example, is 0/100k, then it will be high demand. if it is 99k/100k it will be low demand.

Trade rates will be based on a %. The lower the stock on the % the higher the profit.

at 0% supply, the income increases to + 25%.bonus to profit, and at 90% supply, it decreases to 5% profit. this way traders will be busy always looking for a trade run to do, that is not static (the same every time) Which means safety for them (unless the enemies are smart and check trade rates) because the route they will be running will likely not be camped.

trading grants exp and reputation, as well as credits based on the amount of profit made.

Module Three : Production (coming Soon)