Premiums/Destroyer currency rework

We have far too much currencies in game associated with ships rank now. One per premium, one per special module, monocrystal, and 2 (soon 3) for destroyers.  And it is really boring to be forced to player one specific rank to have those loots.


I suggest to merge all the premiums (ships + specials) currencies into one , and allow every maxed synergy ships a chance to get that loot after a victory.

The value we can loot would increase with the ship’s rank. For exemple a r1 can only win 1 at a time, and a r15 can win a pack of 5.



By the way, the monocrystal loot should work like that too. And destroyers’s resource available to [rank - 1 ; rank + 1] of the targeted destroyer.

It gives much more choice to the player (not forced to player a specific ship anymore) and is less frustrating (loot parts of something you don’t want and will never ever need) without making it faster.

Exactly what I was thinking. The ship parts should be reduced to one currency of those yellow gear looking things.

One per ship is madness.

Madness…This. Is. STARCON!!!

This is probably the best solution to the problem. It’s a bit ridiculous having, what, 10 different ship parts, and 2 extra kinds for special modules? I can’t even keep track of how many there are, any more. Merging them together would simplify the economy, and balance it (along with folks playing PvP in ranks they wouldn’t normally fly) too.


Especially when they plan to rework every single ship in game, we’ll have at least 67 different ship parts (excluding modules parts). That’s insane. 

And I’m kind of bored to farm t1/t2 only to get a premium that I’ll never play. It’s not fun to kill Aces or bots. 

BTW, some values :

The number of parts won by a rank should be equal to the rank itself. A r1 gives 1 part, and a r15 gives 15 parts. 

Then , to keep the same “grind”, the new price of every ships is the old price by the ship’s rank. 

So a r3 (current price 40 parts)  will need 40 * 3 parts. And a r5 (current price 80 parts) will need 80 * 5 parts. 

So if you play the same rank as you used to, it won’t be any faster. But for a vet, it’ll be easy to get a r3 premium, and for a new player, he’ll have the possibility to save his parts to get later a higher ship rank.


And it makes players want to play end game ships, not to stay in t2/t3.

It also make the conversion easier for the devs. 

Since the total of this new currency is the addition of (owned ship parts * ship rank)  for every ships available. 


Finally, about real money : No more bundle. A flat GS price as it used to be. But with a reduction of (parts needed  -  parts owned) / (parts needed)  * 100 in percent. 

You want to buy the new karud, but you have 0 part? Full price,  20k gs. Now you want to buy it but you already have half of the parts needed? Enjoy 50% reduction, 10k gs + all your parts. 


Then it’s up to devs to choose the new GS amount. I personally think 20k for a r15 when you have 0 parts is a good number. 



Or instead of having completely insane numbers for T5 ships you could just multiply a set value by the rank. Such as 30. Therefore R1 would be 30 parts, R5 would be 150, and R10 would be 300 parts, and so on.

But then a r1 have the same reward then a r15.

So peoples will play t1 where you face a team of bot, for a 100% winrate. A reward increasing with ranks makes players want to play higher rank.


I don’t see the problem with high values. In every games, end game values/rewards are much higher then newbs values. 

And they can make it so rank 1-3 give 1 part, 4-6 give 2,…  so the values are a bit lower. 

It’s only a bunch of numbers, they’ll do what they want to.