Premium "tokens"

Because of how this game works now, and how many people seem to be getting lives of their own, it would be nice to be able to stop playing for a while and not waste all of your premium subscription. For this I suggest “Premium Day Tokens”:

When buying premium, the user will be given a number of “Tokens” equal to the number of days that the premium was for. Each day that they log in afterwards will activate only one token, which gives 24 hours of premium. If the user does not play after this token expires, no more tokens are consumed, and the excess are saved.


This would save so many people so much anguish and stress over using up their premium, and would allow people who pay for the game to take breaks periodically without wasting all the money they spent.



Well, if you’re not a daily player, it would be cheaper to activate the premium when needed instead of going all in. I never had a premium until of a month or two ago and the bonuses are really basic gain buffs so unless you want to do extensive farms i see no point in having one all the time.

Suggestion is more for those who pay for them*

I know but sometimes the users dont seem like to really need one, may as well go economic at it but nvm.