Premium License - much needed tweaks

Premium License, especially for top-end players, have no effect and it is basically not really necessary anymore.

Once you get enough credits, vouchers and standard and free synergy, it is no longer relevant.

This means, that there is no point to invest in Premium License, since it only affects speed of progression.


Game started over 3 years ago and the Invasion was introduced 1 year back.

However, before that, we didn’t have Invasion mode then.

I am suggesting a simple tweak, which will also give you +50% more Karma bonus points overall.


Also, read and consider optional presentation below.





current Premium License benefits: (current version 1.1.7)

+ 50% more credits bonus

+ 2 additional loot spots in trophy search phase

+ 1 additional daily monocrystal in Invasion (3 more per day, a total of 9)

+ 50% more standard synergy bonus

+ 50% more free synergy bonus

+ 50% more loyalty vouchers bonus


Suggestion: (what to add to an existing Premium License benefits)

+ 50% more Karma bonus points in Invasion mode overall



+1 additional monocrystal pop-up bonus for all players, if they have completed all 3 monocrystal missions (shows a monocrystal icon, like it does for a daily login, which means 7 or 10 monocrystals total daily)

- 50% credit cost for a transition jump (station to station)                                                                                             

- passive ability to Reset Contract Cooldowns (after completion of contracts, each of them restart immediately and automatically, without user’s intervention)



If you will implement optional benefits, I am sure that more players will buy one, especially for such price.

There is no point to restrict players from getting loyalty vouchers, especially Premium License users.

They should get rewarded for their job, not punished or restricted.



Do not forget to vote and I hope and provide some feedback.




Thank you,


nice ideas and for sure an improvement. did need so long to get what i have. now would no more help me to save any time. even if proportional i see no real use.things u proposed are usefull for the ones allrdy not being f2p. to be real worth for the majority which f2p should normally be, features as kind of special quests for license users, with chances to win  a  ship every 3 months(kind of summer quests but not obligatory a prem ship) , vouchers which could be donated to license useres in kind of lottery( vouchers usage should reduce 50% of normal costs ships), would be recommended in my view.  is the question. who should be aim of such improvements. pilots allrdy using gs or the ones which are still f2p and which is the majority i needs $ as it seems to prove accountants that is worth to invest further. only personal meaning but does make the impression for me.


also the idea of separating licenses in according to tiers would be a idea to improve number of license users. but all this will not help if no advertising is done. gaming websites in europe should be asked in same way as ohter publishers do to do a review . does not influence the rating given but for sure if review is done($ usage is little but does improve number of people knowing about sc. steam ads , and perhaps looking at games like world of warships would help to find a strategy to advertise game. is no steam game but has 28000 users each day. good placed adds and little trailers given all over at gaming sites are cause of these high numbers for open beta.



I agree. There must be some bonus for invasion mode thing.

Quests get more rewards. They introduced spacial scanner as another thing… Maybe a licence could give a free revive to normal ships too.

Quests get more rewards. They introduced spacial scanner as another thing… Maybe a licence could give a free revive to normal ships too.

not wrong but did not help to secure pilot numbers. now we are in a situation to secure life of game. not to improve a little only. good idea but not enough. f2p should be lead to use $ for game. first amendment as worse as it seems to be at the moment.