Practice mode suggestion

I tried out the practice mode just because I felt I wanted to, now there is a lot wrong with it.


First off, it has Chameleon on a gunship with interceptor RF blasters, not to mention it has infinite energy. The Chameleon also regenerates in like 1.5 seconds. It is not a good idea to have people being confused with modules like that. I can constantly click my special module to get the tackler damage increase.


My suggestions

 - Create 9 different practice modes, each one uses one of the 9 ship types, and explains how to use each, and makes you use them.

 - Explains how each ship can be effective in battle, goes over each module to show how effective it is. Like recon micro locator being able to uncover invisible enemies.



Puts you as an engineer, then your teammates are damaged quite a bit, then it gets you to put healing modules on to heal them, and explain it’s effectiveness.

Whoops, I put this in the wrong section, can it be moved to the regular suggestions?

They are working on revamping the tutorial. They desired to wait the full release. Since the release is the next week, you can hope new tutorial coming with it.

There will be final tutorials if the content is stable.


We wont stop patching and developping coz of the release.


Wait for more to come, inlcuding new tutorials.

yaaay! time for SNIPER TRAINING! i see those tips on loading screen: remember the sniper training, switch positions often. what sniper training? ppl in snipers dont even find a good spot, just start sniping from the spawn… i’ve been observing them lately… they just stood there and wait for their target to move from rock cover :smiley: …for real.


it would be awsome tho if players who mater their ships could be gathered and formed into instructors for live training session  :stuck_out_tongue:

It will be good that in the tutorial the new players are informed about the mentoring program. Because in the first 1 or two hours is quite easy to reach rank 4 and lose the access to the mentoring program, before they start asking questions in the forums or the global chat.

What we need is the equivalent of the Starcraft training videos you can find online.


For those who haven’t seen / heard them, these things are basically audio tracks that tell you what to do for the first 5-10 minutes of the game. You play them and try to have them synced with your game, and it helps you get your timings right. So you get something like…


“Build a probe.”


“Build a probe”


“build a pylon.”


“build a probe and chrono boost.”



This stuff really does help. I remember a while back playing team games and when you watch the replay I was consistently ahead in the early game because my timings were much sharper than everyone else. So we can have Star Conflict versions…




“Fly to A.”

“Locate Guard.”

“Use Spy Drone.”

“Use Parasitic Remodulator.”

*at 30 second mark.*

MicroWarp to B.


Or the LRF version…


“Self destruct.”

“Bring a different ship.”

“Never fly LRF again.”