Potential Problems

Iv spotted a few things that can potentially be a huge problem for the game, that will be very suddle, and will be to late to change when it takes place.

if people keep winning games, they keep getting chances at loot., this will cause a huge gap in the gear differential.

it may be smart to do something about this, maybe try

*Reduce the amount of times you can search

*Give the losing team 2 searches, and the winners 4

*Reduce the frequency of mods found while searching

Another potential problem is that as time go’s on the upper tiers are going to the point of invulnerability

upper tier items need

*to cost more energy

*to have passive regeneration (repair) effects (like 100+ % regeneration on shields) reduced moderately (30-60%)

other potential problems

AFK’ Players if people leave the game at 0 points, they really shouldent get any exp or anything like that. at most 10% of what the lowest member got

Team captains that DC - this ruins the game, because we cant respawn, it needs to be hotfixed asap.

Yep. AFKers can be a big problem. Game should have good mechanic against it.

AFk players get kiced out of game and it counts as a disconnect. This means no reward at all.

I think the loot is okey, because it takes some time until you get the modifications that you need for your ship.

Furthermore it could be an idea to add a trade market for selling items between players so this would minimize the problem.

As already mentioned AFK players get kicked without any reward.

The team captain should be reselected when a player gets disconnected, but there are a few problems where this does not happen. But this issues will be fixed.