Portal Projector [Module]

Name: Portal Projector (Jump Gate, Wormhole, etc)

Type: Multipurpose Active Module (Can be equipped on Destroyers, but only if they do not have Wormhole Projector equipped.)

Ranks: 10-15

Cooldown: 98s

Energy: 155pts/s

Tooltip: “Upon activation, displays a range indicator below the crosshair. Once the desired range is reached, the ship is out of energy, or the maximum range of 15,000m is reached, the module will deactivate and open a large wormhole for you and your allies to travel through for 18 seconds.”

Function: Activating the module will start draining energy at a high rate. For as long as it is activated, it will be increasing the distance between the wormholes by 1,000m/s for 15 seconds. Once the module reaches this time, or any time along the way it is manually disabled, the entry wormhole will open 1,000m in front of the ship, as the exit wormhole will open wherever it was selected. If the exit wormhole is inside of an object, it will be moved closer to the entry wormhole until there is room. Traveling through the wormhole displays your signature at both entry and exit wormholes until you completely pas through. Your ship also will seem as though it is physically flying through the wormhole. If the wormhole closes while a ship is flying through it, the ship is destroyed. This makes destroyers especially vulnerable.

This may seem similar to the Destroyer module “Wormhole Projector” but functionally and aesthetically it is superior in every way, aside from energy cost and recharge time. It is meant as an OS module to quickly traverse entire sectors with minimal combat. While the wormhole’s range is being set up, the user is immobile, but can still use weapons and modules.

Other option could be jump gates in the same sector, like in PVP. It should not be so hard to implement. However the Portal projector suggestion seems more useful in OS.

I did specifically say that I meant it as a module for OS, though it seems my suggestions are simply too long for anyone to read completely. *deep sigh*

But this would allow for more control over travel and get you from one place to the other much more efficiently.

And the devs would never add something like this suggestion or your warp gate suggestion, as it would defeat the purpose of paying to swap stations. (Which is a massive price might I add.)

If they ever did add warp-gates to sectors, they would be essentially pointless and only warp you something like a fourth of the way so it would still take you ages to cross sectors.


Should I begin with ‘there already exist modules with this function’ or with ‘advantage/disadvantage xyz’?

+1 for this.

They’re still pretty similar. One excludes another. Some additional features maybe?

Well this one is faster and projects further. Also, you don’t shoot it like a projectile, you simply determine the range using the HUD then open the portal. The portal would aesthetically look much like the alien portals and would instantly put you from entrance to exit, and vice versa. So it is for the team too, not just your self.