Polyp [Ship]

Name: Polyp

Type: Ellydium unclassified ship

Rank: 15

Shield: low

Hull: low

Energy: high

Speed and agility: medium-low

Weapons: all weapons will be centralized single-turret heavy-hitters like the “unidentified weapon” of alien Hunters.

Appearance: just a mass of crystals around a central “neurocontroller drone” stolen from Jericho, hacked by the Empire, and given amazing crystal power by the Federation ellydium faction. As it takes damage to the hull, it grows and mutates. It can continue to mutate as it is destroyed in battle to grow larger and more powerful as the battle progresses.


Polyp special module: "The Darwin Device"

Recharge: 5 seconds

Energy: 40pts

Tooltip: Activation of the module will begin to regenerate the damaged hull until the user fires weapons or takes damage. As the hull is restored, the active modules and weapons might change, and the volume of the hull and shield can increase. The effects of growth stay permanently. The ship cannot take collision damage.



Polyp Active Modules:


Name: Corrosive Nebula

Recharge: 40 seconds

Tooltip: Instantly releases a large gas cloud around the ship. Enemies in the nebula take slow damage and allies are slowly repaired.


Name: Leech Crystal

Recharge: 60 seconds

Tooltip: Fires a crystal at the crosshairs. If the crystal hits an enemy ship, it sticks to it and will siphon its shield slowly to your ship. The crystal can only be knocked off by scraping against an object. (like spy drones)


Name: Polyp Hive

Recharge: 3 seconds

Tooltip: Passively releases a multipurpose crystal drone every 30 seconds for a maximum of 3 drones. The module can be toggled between different modes to change the behaviour of the drones.

-Attack mode: Crystal drones will pursue the active target and attack them. Also firing on nearby targets.

-Restoration mode: Crystal drones will pursue the active locked ally and restore their hull and shield massively on impact, destroying one drone every 10 seconds.

-Beacon mode: Crystal drones spread out and act as radar beacons, displaying the location of enemies nearby.

-Enhancement mode: Crystal drones will adhere to the hull of the polyp after 10 seconds and increase all characteristics slightly.


Name: The Test

Tooltip: Activating this module causes a large portion of the hull to fall off and become unusable. If this does not destroy the Polyp, then this module will be changed and all ship characteristics will increase slightly.


Name: Pandemic

Recharge: 40 seconds

Tooltip: Releases a cannister of mutated crystal organisms that leaves a trail of vapor behind it. If an enemy ship flies through the trail it is infected. After 10 seconds of being infected, they start to have radar problems. After 20 seconds, they begin to slowly lose shield volume. After 30 seconds, they begin to slowly lose hull integrity. At any time, the virus can be passed from ship to ship if they come within 200m of eachother. The virus lasts for 45 seconds or until the ship is healed by an engineer weapon.


Name: Shattering Crystal

Recharge: 25 seconds

Tooltip: Deploys a large crystal urchin that sits in space. If an enemy gets close to it, it will fire one exploding crystal quil at it once each second for up to 6 shots. Each shot will split in to up to 3 smaller projectiles and hit nearby enemies.


Name: Energy Lash

Recharge: 10 Seconds

Tooltip: Upon activation, energy tentacles protrude from all sides of the Polyp that deal massive EM damage to enemies and objects that come close for 4 seconds.


More to come.


As you can see this is a truly evolving ship. Would be very nice to see.

There should be 8 polyp drones and connected to the host ship with lashing and lethal energy beam ‘tentacles’ (not hentai style:).

Have this…

…don’t ask me why


4 minutes ago, SINaka said:

Have this…

…don’t ask me why


Am I allowed to ask “what the ****”

Just fyi that’s not how I see this ship in my head.

I imagine it looking more like a crystal space urchin or just a ball of crystals with a Jericho core in the middle like you see on the Razor or Ronin.

I see. Then why not naming it space urchin at the first place? ![:fed_lol:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/fed_lol.png “:fed_lol:”) Or sarlacc from Star Wars.

Still would love to see a ship that actually evolves as you play with it