Poly slots for ship modifiers

NOTE: this is not entirely my idea it first was brought up by Uhmari i only reconsidered the approch


every ship which is t2-1 or higher can equip passive ship modifiers which will improve the ships characteristics


t2-1 only have capacitor tuning


t2-2 capacitor, shield and hull tuning


t3-1 capacitor, shield, hull and cpu tuning


and so on


Uhmari suggested every pilot shall be able to equip these slots as the want to


for example: and t2-2 ship with 3 hull modifiers

the effects of the modifiers would decrease per module if you equip more than one module of the same kind like two armor-plated hulls

the first item (armor-plated hull t2mk3) would increase the hull by 40% and lower the speed by 7%, the next one might only get 30% but also decreases the speed by 7%



my idea would not allow for multiple items of the same kind e.g. you can’t equip to hull modifiers

it would turn the modifier slots in slots like the active and passive modules so they can carry any modification





t2-2 phobos aura

1 shield modifier

1 hull modifier

1 capacitor modifier



t2-2 phobos aura

3 modifier slots

the 3 slots can be equipped with any kind of modifier you can only equip one item per modifier kind:


1 cpu, 1 hull, 1 engine OR 1 hull, 1 shield, 1 capacitor OR 1 cpu, 1 shield, 1 engine and so on


furthermore i’d like to address the tier - module count ratio


my idea


1 passive slot, the remaining stats stay the same



1 modifier slot, the remaining stats stay the same



2 modifier slot, the remaining stats stay the same


the other tiers remaining the same with all stats

and interesting twist, but allowing to stack the same modules, would vastly improve build diversity, and having only 1 per each of the 5 slots, does not really change the design perse.


5 x 5 = 25 combinations with just 1 item ( 5 items, with 5 slots0


there is probably like 50 mods, so you are looking at 250 combinations, instead of say, 5 mod slots, with 10 each (50)