Poll to Insert Recon T4-T5 Scatter Gun into T3

This is it.

xxxx, the poll didn’t show up.

and wheres the poll edit your original post.

If you want scatter gun in t3 why not t2 , or why not destructor? There is a curve  ships / modules with tiers 

No, keep that lag cannon out of t3. We have enough annoyance with eclipse and coils.

Yes! Please!

It’s not laggy at all (unless you run an absolute toaster)!

i’de rather not have this gun in T3, dont think it is a good idea

No, it’s fine being T4/5. If you move Scattergun down, you’d have to move Phaser and Destructor, and neither one of them would be remotely balanced in T3 (Destructor is already OP as h3ll in T4/5)

OP is a stretch. more annoying than OP

Devs please disregard your previous tests that showed 2015 winter weapons had a terrible affect on T3 and lower.


To hell with your real world numbers showing usage, and player disconnects in matches…


Someone wants two versions of EVE, you MUST comply!