Polaris Inc [Polar]



About Polaris Inc


Our corporation welcomes all players of all tiers of gameplay and encourages the development of players, inclusion within our community and regular team activity!


Our basic aethos revolves around the teamplay element as one of the most important aspects of our gameplay alongside a friendly semi-competitive sport. This corporate image is reflected within our player base; we teach, train and develop together as pilots and encourage a friendly spirit of play as our primary objective.


Our Team:





Vice Presidents

RUSSIA:  -n/a-

EUROPE: EnSabahNur, M4A1

US: fular, Murasaki, tpt23




afaganga, BeanzOnToast, ShadowOfNone


What We Offer:

  • Regular daily multi-loot successful special operations.
  • Assistance and recommendations for ship setups of all classes.
  • Regular groups for mass grinding - fast formulaic income.
  • Group training and teamwork activities.
  • Inter-corporate competition between friendly corporations.
  • Dreadnought battles for sectors.
  • Tournament play and consistent competition.


Our Requirements:

  • Fleet strength 15 and a credit-purchased Rank 9 ship within any faction.
  • 15 days of activity, with 30 days cutoff before removal from the corporation. Longer periods exist for longer-standing pilots of higher ranks.
  • TeamSpeak 3. No microphone required, only headphones/speakers necessary.
  • A friendly and motivated attitude towards teamplay and participation. We like having pilots who are enthusiastic and enjoy uniting people, creating squads and bringing ideas to the table.
  • A high morale and good standards.


If you are interested, please feel free to speak to our leadership, apply to the corporation via the corporate function or PM us in-game. Thank you very much for your time and see you in space, pilot!



~ Asphyxiation [Polar] ~

CEO / Founder of Polaris Inc.

Scattered Eagles 2.0?

Welcome aboard!


Sounds great! Good luck!

Good luck! 

CEO confirmed to be a giant nerd. Source: I’m in his corp and know the nerd.




CEO confirmed to be a giant nerd. Source: I’m in his corp and know the nerd.


You promised you wouldn’t tell!!



Hey sho u didnt tell them that you will give garlic to all new players, you were promissed me that remember ?

I ran out of garlic. Do cookies still count?

How did this garlic thing even start Omar? I can’t remember XD

long long ago when everything was a cloud and dust…

In a galaxy far, far awwy

In a galaxy far, far awwy

i knew that you will complete it , mil believe it or not we are bounded


may you grow and conquer! :slight_smile:


may you grow and conquer! :slight_smile:



idk why but i feel warm to Polar corp’s ppl in pvp’s 

Polars tend to be quite warm despite living in a cold place…


The corp is nearly finished with its dreadnought, only a few more weeks until we’re 100% ready for combat!

can call me always for defend :slight_smile: