Point Defense and 2nd Ellydium Destroyer ?

So uh, I had the Idea of a like Point defense module for Destroyers.


It’s replacing a module and what it does is that it puts some small minigun turrerts all over the Destroyer, when activating the module it would just Increase the fire rate and damage output. The miniguns target everything, missles, drones, ships. When the module is destroyed the miniguns wont fire at all.

Version2: It’s like the blaster turret, one dual minigun platform that targets ships, drones, fighters. Activating the module will again increase the fire rate & damage output.



As for the 2nd Ellydium Destroyer:

We recently got the mission with the Ellydium Dreadnought, it has a really nice design and it would be neat if we could get a Ellyidum Destroyer with that Design that does not have the upgrade stuff, but is instead a R17 Destroyer (and can be built like all the other Destroyers).