Podium Finish !

Would be nice to see ship paints more in-game. Someone suggested these off-hand somewhere and I thought it was brilliant. Posting a formal request for it to be implemented. Idea is to showcase custom paint on ships properly and reward those who spent money on them a little.


1. Podium Finish


Display top 3 ships on the scoreboard at the end of the game based on efficiency points scored. Dunno how you’re gonna choose which of the player’s ships to showcase but I’d say give priority to ones that have custom paint on it. Imagine all top 3 players are from the same corp and they have the same color scheme. Would be awesome to see.


2. Glam Cam


Show more of the ships in-game after death while waiting to respawn. Beacon Hunt, Realistic and Combat Recon are the only game modes you get to spectate a little bit. It’d be nice if you get more opportunities to do so. And prioritize camera on ships with custom paint jobs … so maybe give 3 - 4 seconds spectator time on Domination and Detonation also ?


3. Display Ship in Hangar Slot 1 when viewing player’s profile


This one is straight forward. Show off people’s ships installed in slot 1



More glam time might entice people to paint more of their ships. Who knows.

Hahaha I can back this up!