Plugin/option to show unguided missile stats

I would die for an option for or a plugin that shows (graphically) the blast-sphere and line of travel for the unguided missiles that you carry at any given time. I ask for this so that using them (especially the EM torp) is less speculation and more strategic. I want to know exactly where it will hit and how many enemies are in the blast radius at any given time. Primarily for PvE.

Instead of asking for a lead marker for missiles…

Just git gud.

This would only like make me and everyone else gud-er.

Who needs missile lead markers?

This would only like make me and everyone else gud-er.

Take guided missiles.

That’s why they exist, to be used by not as gud ppl.

Unfortunately they are not really as efficient… well, so get gud with unguided missiles!

How about we just make this a suggestion strictly for EM torps. They are what I originally meant it for anyways. I just want more than “if I hit the beacon/LRF I might get kills” logic with them.

This isn’t unheard of since it exists for modules like the Pulsar (that show affected objects in radius) and the Jericho guided torpedo (that shows # of damageable targets should you early detonate) but the JLRF Torp has a very different system for how you use it. Some kind of line-of-sight thing wouldn’t be the same for things like EM torps, I don’t think you’d get the result you wanted if such a thing were implemented.


It works in theory, not so much in practice. Torps are too slow and too long distance to work the way you’re hoping them to.


As for visualizing the blast radius, I have to agree with Omega. That’s something the player needs to learn themselves.

What I mean is a simple laser pointer type thing that shows before you actually fire it.

And for objects in radius, a transparent bubble with the radius of the explosion would suffice. I don’t need to know numbers, just what it will affect.

sounds like dota xD better try hitting static objects to dimension blast radious. You can also make custom games (even with bots!) to try your skills. The laser prediction sounds kinda useless, since EM torps are extremately slow, wich means situation will change a lot once the missile explodes: you wont hit whats clearly predictable as main weapons do.