Please restore the camera settings.

I can’t see when I am piloting my frigate since the last patch.  All I see is my frigate.


I am already aware I am piloting a frigate. I don’t see why so much of my screen has to be dedicated to reminding me of my ship choice.


I love the ship models. I don’t mind staring at them in detail in the hanger, just not when I am flying.


The camera system before the current patch allowed you to zoom out farther. I would like to see it restored.


I am not certain what the goal of this change was, as all it is currently doing is pissing me off. Now I have to battle not only other pilots, but the camera system and my  own ship.


I know not everyone played that far zoomed out, but it is a bit ridiculous how much of the screen is dedicated to a ship model when you pilot a frigate.

+1 Agreed.

+1 I concur