please do it please!!!!

I know i should of posted this with my other one, but i want this one to have special attention. I WOUDL REALLY RELALY REALLY think it would be cool, hopefully some other people out there, if a map was made where we were inside some giatn complext mechnical maze or whatever. Not exactly a maze, but simlilar to how the Century Falcon flew inside the Death star, something similar to that. Of course not so small where ur ship cant move.

Anotehr good refrense is like the movie Independence Day, when the 2 guys flew up to the mothership outside, and there are allt hese weird diagonal columns and everything, but remember they were still inspace.

or like a moon sized space station with spaces between modules you can fly in, i think you might get the picture. If you have seen the movie transformers, the 3rd one, you can see cybertron in earth atmosphere and how its like a skyscraper with its steel skeleton showing. anyway i thought it would be cool if there was map like that.


make one witha background of the milkyway or a nebula :smiley:

Nice idea;) Perhaps we will see something like this in the future.

I think you mean Millennium Falcon, but that does sound like a cool map idea :slight_smile:

O yea Millennium lol XD I could not remember exactly so i toke a guess Lol