Please change the Jolly Roger DLC title.

Corsair pack gives the title “Corsair”


Dead-man’s Chest pack gives the title “Pirate Baron”


Jolly Roger pack gives the title… “Desperado”? That’s not pirate. That’s cowboy. Specifically Mexican slang for ‘bandit’.


Please change the title “Desperado” to “Privateer”. That title actually fits the theme.



EDIT: Or “Cutthroat”. Anything but “Desperado”.

Privateer would be a cool title. That or maybe Buccaneer (sp?).

A Privateer is a hired pirate. Something like “Ok, we’re paying YOU and your crew to NOT attack our ships. In return, you can attack any ships that don’t bare our flags.”


It fits the theme. Desperado… “Lawless Mexican”, iirc… No. Way off the theme.


your suggestion has been forwarded and hopefully it will be changed soon :slight_smile:

+1 to the above suggestion to use Privateer.

I would just like to say thank you. I know that I rarely agree with the developers on certain issues, but I appreciate that they took time to consider and change the title.


I honestly wasn’t sure this would even get looked at, but since I now have the title “Privateer” in front of my name, I see I was wrong.


Again, thank you.

Everything gets looked at, all suggestions, all feedback.


Just some things take longer to change due to the mechanics, work or design implications involved :slight_smile:


This was both a good suggestion and a relatively easy fix - so it was acted upon accordingly by the developers.


Thank you very much for your continued support and feedback.