Please allow different HUD-themes selectable in options.

I liked the old theme more (here is a pic)


First, having the Tabs for factions on the left and having it vertical is both unique and I want it back.


If the UI were made with HTML+CSS, I would have modded it already (if I had access to the image-resources).

But the game-files are hidden in .pak files I can’t even open. There is no balance argument against a client-side UI mod.



I think it is enough if every faction has it’s unique colours and you can select a “bold” theme like in the picture and the “clean” theme we have now, but if it were mod-able like HMTL/CSS there would sure soon be more available.

The game looks and source programs protected under copyright law. Change is not allowed. I think.

The current state, like for ship tree, was made to make HUD more flexible for future additions, so further improvements can be. To make several optional versions of ingame HUD is pretty big amount of work. 

To make several optional versions of ingame HUD is pretty big amount of work. 


In my website I have a matrix-theme, clean sky, nature and a high-contrast with colour-codes automatically generated by Server-Code and inserted into a cached style-sheet.


The inputs are very simple [min A, avg B, max C] as colour-code for each background.

Backgrounds are 3 lists for the 3 main colours of each theme – Image pixels are compatible with one of these lists.



And if it were HTML+CSS there could be a community contest – The players which HUD’s get in, get some high reward and other commits which were a great amount of work but do not make it in receive a lower reward.

When reward for making a HUD is relative to the reward you would get for playing it is like an optional quest or battle mode choose to play.


Some might even create a cockpit-HUD with some cats or have in the corner of the screen the animated pilot’s female crew-mate sitting on a computer with the ship’s health bars.



Current games tend to have floating status bars where old games tend to have them in a row or column past the rendering rectangle.

I prefer the old style, because nothing is more annoying than an enemy hidden below your ability-panel.


It also has a smaller rendering rectangle which may provide more FPS while still using up all the space on your monitor for ship status, etc.

Removing those elements or putting them into the edge could give a higher field of vision or less distraction at the borders of it and make the visible rendered area more elliptic.

lol that’s my mockup ship tree for the pirate faction. XD

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But anyways yeah custom HUD’s would be epic.