Please add an option to NOT auto replenish GC ammo?

I cant use ammunition that normally is bought with GC without getting charged for auto replenish.  Sometimes you get them randomly, daily bonus, whatever and if you start using them you can see 18GC going out the door everytime.  If you dont pay attention to that even more.  NOT COOL.  Please just add an option to check a box or something for premium ammo instead of just automatically deducting precious GC that I wouldnt normally waste on ammo.


Thank you!

Agreed. +1 This needs to happen. Yes. All the way.





I lost about 50. Precious. GS. Back in T1.


Grumble grumble sera galo

Good afternoon, if i understoon correctly GC are Galactic Standards and therefore your problem would be solved by doing the following steps, click: Settings - Game - Autoreplenish ammunition (its on the bottom of the list, remove a tick there) - press okay. If this was your query, then i am glad to help and if this didnt help, please describe your problem more specifically, therefore i could help you.


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The problem people are having (especially new players) is that they do not know or understand that the ammo is being auto-replenished every battle.  Having the option mixed in with all the different settings makes it hard for newer players to know what is going on.  The OP, and many others would like the option to turn off auto replenishing ammo (or at least Golden Currency ammo) in the main ship fitting screen.  It would make using this feature much more efficient and wouldn’t hurt new players that do not realize what is going on.

The GS ammunitions specifically should NOT automatically refill by default. There should also be an option(not just a tick, but a drop down box) to auto refill the GS ammo.


Thats all we need. Thats all that we ask of you in a summary, iaxil.