Players from Black Prophecy

Good morning,

the last days I saw some names I have seen in Black Prophecy, so I wanted to ask who was or is still playing Black Prophecy.

In Game Name Server Lv

ERROR Shinava 50

3RR0R Kemmura 34

The ping of the game here in Brazil is absurdly high.

played but found that it was boring. (and i had a bad computer+ it was in german):storm:

Hi Error, hi everyone

Atm, I’m not playing Black Prophecy, becouse I can’t log in.

I think we’re boned. Damn shame…

Bp is one of the best games I’ve played. Hope to see more people from there on this forum.



At the moment I am playing Freelancer until the I get a key for the closed beta of Star Conflict.

I almost stopped playing Black Prophecy, I only go online there to say hi and have some talk to my clan mates.

Gamigos Support is just a shame and if Star Conflict is released I will stop playing Black Prophecy.

Was a early beta tester and sort of pay BP now and again but they way things have gone on in the game has killed the game. So i only go on if new updates have arrived to see if any drastic changes and nothing changes or improves. The sooner i get into Star Conflict and beta is here and i am in on beta if i get accepted the better.

Well, acc system is up again.

Back to pew pew!

At the moment I lost my trust to Gamigo and uninstalled Black Prophecy.

Here a Member :slight_smile:

icendiary (TH4N4TOS) armed and ready to go :slight_smile:

I played BP, but stopped playing a few months ago when it became too repetitive!

Hello everyone,

RAPTOR here, I’m from Brasil \o/


Played BP since last Summer.

But i lost my trust, too.

So hope this game will be better :wink:

LG Hurric4n

Beta tested Black Prophecy, lost interest when I noticed that the aim stuck on the ship, instead being independent. They made that game for 10% of the target audience that wanted joysticks and they couldnt implement an aiming system like Freelancer, where aim was independent of the ship movement, because weapons could rotate/move depending on how the player moved the mouse, so you could use thrusters to strafe left while still circling and aiming at someone on the right. While in Black Prophecy it was like world war planet having to face each other to shoot, like knights with lances in a duel. No, not even knights with lances in duels were as limited in their aiming/movement. So the game failed before it started.

well i hardly ever play it now i used to play it well back but got very board of it due to the amount of lag that was involved and how it took forever to get a new ship i just move on over to EVE

played the game a while ago … it was pretty good at first but cause i thought it will have bigger ships also like Dark Space which wasnt the case it become boring fast … havent played Dark Space in a while also but i sure wait for a dark space 2 with better graphics and those amazing huge ships :smiley:

but right now i’m waiting for a key and a link to download this game … i want to play it badly lol … havent found anything on yuplay about Star Conflict

well what did u exspect :smiley: its BP and wow dark space really :smiley: :fed015:

the story of that game pretty much ended after the beginner zone wen you have picked a faction but the begining of the game was fun

^^ you said it ^^ :stuck_out_tongue:

Ping in portugal >200 ms :smiley: I played and then stopped cuz it’s too buggy and I don’t like the graphical style.