Player Trading

It would be really good to trade with other players and friends. It would be easier for people to get mk3 weapons if they arent doing that faction. please add it.

They are not planning to add this feature. However in the future it might be possible.

I have read time and time again the answer is

NO and not planned to be implemented in the future

they lose $$$ if they did so… i dont think this game will be more than fun fast space shooter… all are yelling for trade/open space and it would be game of win if they did it. sadly the devs seams like the war z devs, they realy dont lisen to there fans but there wallets…the games sayes its a MMO…normaly that would include a small amout of trade and even roleplay…but this is no mmo its just another shooter.


thx for a nice game…but

it could be sooo much more…

Player trading opens the door for RMT, which means dealing with farming bots. Tbh I think we’re better off not opening that can of worms.

There are still no plans for adding any kind of trading between players.