Player LynxA corp 4CB - sabotaged the gameplay

21.07.2020, in a pvp game, beacon capture, this player simply sabotaged me. He was on MY team, so he should have helped, not sabotaged!

 It seems in a previous pvp game i sniped him and now he wanted to “revenge” ha ha ha ha

So i was in a LRF and he simply stood in front of me and i couldn’t snipe. Before he did that, i killed 2-3 enemies.

Of course we lost the match, he did nothing to help the team, just 100% sabotage.


So this is pure and official mockery and i hope he will be investigated and maybe banned for unsportsmanlike conduct (to be polite).

He is NOT a rookie, he has about 28.000 pvp games! Also i hope the 4CB corp CEO reads this and finds out what kind of looser this LynxA is.


Best regards!


Edit: there’s no ‘reply’ menu in this section?  Of course i reported him.



I presume you have reported him?