Player Driven Market

Buy, sell, resell, a player driven market would be a great addition. Plus, you (developers) would sell more standards!  :taunt:

No, no, no.

No, no, no.


The devs do the right thing, leave trading out of the game. 


With trading you get:

  • matches, where 50% of the players are automated bots, flying around stupidly and shooting now and then, to not get kicked
  • get 34214 tells as soon as you log on, who want to sell you gold for $
  • everyone will drop the game after 3 weeks, because they have all the loot they want, and no GOAL anymore (goals are important in games)
  • the global channel will be flooded by goldsellers
  • duping
  • scamming

So far, so good, but what are the consequences of all that?

  • the Devs WILL have to spend time on writing counter-measures against whisper-spam, global-spam and bots in matches

(it will all be fruitless)

  • players like you and me will start to report players as botters, which needs staff to be read, verified and taken action upon.

(which won’t help, since accounts are… wait for it … FREE)

  • prices will inflate to hilarious values (anyone remember d3?)
  • the devs will have LESS time working on other improvements.

Say no to trading. - Kyoss, from linked topic


After reading the linked topic, and your related comments,  I simply disagree with your reasoning.


Look at games like Eve where this is done in game, and games like Diablo where it is done out of game. Either could work, though I would think out of game would be sufficient to mitigate your primary concerns with this. 


A player driven market could be successfully implemented with proper (minimal) oversight from moderators and specific rules (currently in place) that discourage “bots”. 


As far as I can tell BOTS are the only real discouragement you have given as to not allow player controlled markets/trading. This is hardly any reason at all given modern standards in gaming and the ability to weed these out successfully through various channels. In fact, a player controlled market could essentially help to weed out bots from the game entirely. 


Having played for two weeks and a few hundred battles I received my first “purple” mod last night. It is a module I really can’t use effectively with any of my current load outs, so naturally, I would like to sell it or trade it. Would I sell it to the NPC’s? No freakin’ way, man, that’s an unacceptably low return for it’s value. But a player market, ah, now we’re talking. 


I have payed to play this game, and it’s clearly not play to win, though paying can give you certain advantages, or unlock things more quickly, it certainly isn’t a win button. Given this fact, there is no reason *not* to support a player driven market! 


At least controlled trades between players where we can exchange purple for purple, green for green or yellow for yellow. Something, anything rather than the black hole of you buy it (or salvage it), you had best keep it forever, or be rid of it at an unreasonable loss rate. 


Things I bought for cash are virtually worthless if I decide not to use them - and under the current system, this hardly seems fair or equitable. Some better way of exchanging goods must be considered. 


It’s my money, I would like to see it at least exchangeable at a fair rate. Currently, I am reluctant to spend any more money on the game because I don’t feel there is an adequate means of exchanging those things that don’t work the way I anticipated, or become irrelevant to me.  


Simply stated, the Devs would make more money on this project and players will be happier knowing that their spending any money in SC doesn’t result in a near total loss - there should be some means of recouping money spent, reasonably, responsibly.


At the least, give the players a way to exchange modules we can’t or don’t want to use any longer, or increase NPC buybacks, though I much prefer an open market where items will sell for what they are worth! 


Anyway, it is a suggestion. There are no bad suggestions, just those that make it into game, and those that don’t.  :learn:

Already said: No.

Already said: No.


Not really constructive and with no supporting logic, quite an invalid aurgument. Guess we’ll have to chalk that up as a +1. :good:

WOT doesn’t need one, neither does this.


It would only bring issues like meantioned a few posts up.

WOT doesn’t need one, neither does this.


It would only bring issues like meantioned a few posts up.


WoT also doesn’t drop random modules that can be used in game. This game does, it begs for a marketplace or at least a means of trading them.

i understand the debate. 
i think the solution would be provate trading- 
allowing us to attach mods to ingame email, also allowing us to attach currency to in game email. 
directing bartering, as a way to share mods you can’t use with your Corporation and get some currency. 
just throwing ideas around… 

Are you insane? Two necro posts… I let the other one slide.

Underneath that innocent looking hat is, in fact, a necromancer. He who brings the dead threads to life.

For me would be interesting, since I have a rare trophy with a valor higher than the game market.

But unfortunaly the game has a unlimited reward for the trophys, since anyone can get every time, everywhere, even in the invasion.

With tha aproval of market between players, a very higher number of trophy would be add on the market, making many strong itens useless.

I don’t know others perspective yet, But from my point of view, many things would be necessarry review, for the economy of the game.

there will be no trading in game