Player/Corp PVP Rating Suggestion Fix for Skill Based Game.

I am playing the game for about a week now and I can tell that the game has HUGE potential but yet as of the current system, the game is lost skill wise.


First of all, there should be an option to make a Corporation Squads, that’s mean that in order to gain “Corporation Rating” you need to have atleast 70% Corporation Members out of a full group.


I believe you should spread the game into 2 PVP modes, Corporation and Squads.


Corporation Mode/Corporation Rating:


In order to make balance, a Corporation which sign up into a battle can meet only other Corporation Team’s, make a special option that become availble only when you have more than 4 people Squad or a fixed number such as 6  7 8 9 1 etc whatever makes the developers think the game is based on, therafore, unless you go for rated battle’s, your not allowed to go into the normal battle’s with a group bigger than 4 player’s.


DSR should be removed as it has no meaning, for example if I play in a Corporation Battle, my team might want to send someone to distract the other team aka suicide mission while my team take over a beacon or kill the other team commander.


That said, the game will actually have tactics rather than soloing and the guy who support the team by distracting the other team won’t feel like he’s losing because he’s doing the right thing in order to achive the goal.


Another situation is for a stealth team and so on the tactics goes.


As of the current system, the system actually <FORCE> you by all mean to not play as a team which is kind of sad for an MMO as the game claim to be if you want to achieve any PVP prestige, which result in “PVP not really” Solo mode rather than teamwork, better make a Deathmatch instead, as far as I know, role wise a big space faction won’t send her pilots to solo.


Squad Mode:


A Group of 4 People which sign for Rated Games (Not the normal games, a new option for rated), then it will be a 4 vs 4 battle for Player’s which rather stay away from big corporation groups and want to play with friend’s.


As said above DSR should be removed.


Rating System:


Rating system will be splited into Corporation Rating and Personal Rating.


Corporation Rating will be based purely on Win/Lose vs other Corporation’s and goes higher and lower everytime you either win or lose, to make it clear. when you win, the other corp lose rating while you gain rating and vice versa.


Personal Rating should be based on Win/Lose either with your Corporation or with a Squad with the same system as above, Win/Lose.


Why DSR should be removed and why it is so bad:


As I already mention, currently it has no meaning at all about the actual player skill and force you to solo and decline any team work in order to gain it.


If you’re signed with bad people then your screwed and nevertheless how good you are, when the other team come as a group and your team is just flying/running around, your simply screwed and losing rating even though your superior to the other team members but yet they play as a team and vice versa, you can gain rating as a bad player but simply shooting once each member of the other team and then run away.


I think this is the only MMO which using such a broken system and if this game hope’s for any future of massive commumity then it need’s a fixed system, you might think of “we want a system which show who is really good” but ended up with an exploited system and the masses aren’t people who like to solo/don’t care about the rest of the teams and will rather to work as a team and yes even be carried by other players.


Carried by other players, as said above mean some people are good but not too good, if they see that they get no progress then they will simply leave the game, so yea it’s a win/win situation for the developers aswell as people will have something to aim for, no body can become a PVP monster without learning from other player’s but new player’s are chanceless and choiceless to act in high rated terms.


Think about a corporation of average player’s who work together to rate up the Corporation Rating, first month they are stuck on 1100 rating and then end up with 1400 and even 1600 after farming together and learning each other moves, right now there is no such a thing, sadly.


Current “Random” Games:


Those games should be purely fun based and farming based, there should be no rating for a random game which your choiceless to choose who you play with and specially unfair, just leave them as they are just without the so called DSR which is sense less and exploitable system.


To sum up:


I think this system is much more fair and will work flawlessly, ofcourse there should be more tweaks but just like any other game, win/lose based game is more skill based and balanced than individual luck based one.


About me, I’ve got a lot of MMO’s Experience and playing for year’s in countless PVP matchs, my first time in a space shooter but as I said this game has HUGE potential, been looking for one of those for years and now finally found one and wishing the best for it and would like to support it any way I can in order to make it happen and succesed!:slight_smile:


I would like to hear everyone’s opinion so don’t be shy to reply!


Thank you very much for reading!








First off, what is DSR? Srsly, I dont exactly know what it stands for, cant find it.


Second, if you play for one week, I suggest you make your way to Tier 2 and Tier 3 endgames.


I personally really absolutely don’t care about ratings nor rankings, usually my team knows for sure why I got no points and was still achieving (or die trying to) a specific goal and usually in later tiers, matches tend to get more balanced. Kill Ratings on players usually are higher, if they always play in teams. Corporations with heavier team-play have usually very high rated players, and can still lose a match. It is mathematically natural, that a player who plays a lot in team will earn better statistics, through the synergy of him being calm and having better concentration, less to worry, etc. it’s even humanly normal to perform better in a team, than on a individual exploration of ideas like “who is the best” - because it’s a question of the moment, anyway, and is forgotten soon after the scoreboard is closed.


If you play solo in random matches, or only two people, you will of course encounter more uncontrollable situations. Even being a full squad cannot make up for a strong enemy.


There are already two types of rating:


 * PvP Rating (for the corp) is won by any member of a corporation, by any game he plays. You can always win more, or lose less. If your enemy is strong and you lose, you lose almost nothing, if they were weak, you lose more, if you win, you gain more generally, especially if your enemy was hard. This rating however fades every hour by a percentage. The fact it shows a top 100 - and maybe that is not ideal - is another topic. It actually is somehow a measurement of how active a corp is, and how much members it has, but not primarily the skill of the pilots or even the teams.


 * Kill Ratings are based on your actions in battle. They seem to really be tied to how much you kill, or damage, and also seem to relate to how good the player was with its ship in the game until you catched him. Could be wrong, tho. There is also an indicator, that more things are counted, since losing a match with all people having 0 0 0 also seems to rank them in a usual manner (names you know performed better, even if you lost, are higher up, so there are definitely more numbers in play)


To gain ratings as a player, you of course have to try to kill a lot, but without achieving victory, in a corp, you lose ranks, prestige, which drives team oriented play.


Without Corp, you don’t have to mind losing so much.


Victory is life.

Destroyed ship rating =DSR


Look at the corporation “Kings” for the best example, they invited trilion members and got to the top of the ladders without having any actual skill.


I am talking about bringing skill over farming.

Look at the corporation “Kings” for the best example, they invited trilion members and got to the top of the ladders without having any actual skill.

This, is a prejudice. 


We form squads.

We communicate through chat and voice chat.

And we try to win games.

And yes, we are not the best, but we have skill.