Plasma Arc

This weapon is bona fide hilarious, but IMO a bit too difficult to use.


The incredibly short range means it’s very difficult to pull off even against its (I assume) intended targets, frigates. Most importantly, the very short range means that to use it on a frigate I need to intentionally fly right in to its mine field, which is usually fatal. The energy cost also means that afterburning close enough while still having the energy to activate the module is very tricky.


My suggestion would be to reduce the arc but increase the range. This would allow me to use it without suicidally charging in to mines, and would allow me a shot at using it while strafing, since at the moment the range I have to use it at means my angular velocity is very high if I strafe at all and I need godlike mouse skills to keep it on the target.

Ever used it to chase down enemy ceptors in Detonation? My Fed ceptor has a T3 Experimental lightweight hull so I can keep up with most other interceptors without after burners and use this while chasing them. Its almost like having a Pulsar really and I find it quite hilarious. But it is a very case by case module that requires a lot of ‘just the right’ circumstances to use it which I am not very fond of.