Plans For Bigger Ships

I’m curious as to what plans you guy’s have for ships and if you plan on releasing some pretty darn big ships. I’ve played the CBA and (With as little information as possible, hopefully not breaking any NDA’s) the ships so far have some big ships.

So I was wondering, will you guy’s be releasing new type of ships that are huge? Something along the lines of carrier ships, holding a squadron of I don’t know… Drones or Fighters? Maybe they could be for a specific gametype where three ships (one of each faction, of course) are put into a relatively large space to duke it out; sending their squadrons and attempting to take out the enemy. Maybe the way you control the squadrons is like an RTS, with a birdseye view you give them orders etc.

And does the post about the schematics of a large carrier ship possibly hint towards a new gametype, with players able to control carriers? *wink wink, nudge nudge*

What’re your ideas on this? Think it would work? I’m certainly sure I’m not the only Star Conflict player he who likes to own the big ships, hehe.

Cheers for taking your time to read this, I appreciate it!


at the moment it is planned to introduce big ships for clans in the future.

For new game types there are no information at the moment.

I saw that after I posted this thread and it looks freakin’ amazing, can’t wait!

Same here, it will be nice to have some epic fights.

yeah only for clans -_-

It would be nice to have a few more massive ship types even if it was just for Clan on Clan fights.

I am really going to love to see this ship in action!