Planetary Dynamics! [PlDyn]

Welcome to Planetary Dynamics admissions office!

We are a corporation that values pilots who are committed and willing to improve themselves. Since you are on the forums this already shows that you make discoveries and want to learn more. We are there to help along the way and open up the knowledge books of Star Conflict.

We use voice communications, such as TeamSpeak3 or RaidCall, for better coordination and quicker teaching so this is a must. We also prefer having pilots with at least T3 ships although pilots who have much potential are accepted. Pilots who only have T1 ships are not accepted. These are the only requirements for joining.

After you join we have a couple rules which are pretty easy to follow.

~ We expect you to show respect to everyone regardless of how they treat you. Personal disputes must be handled through private messages and legitimately.

~ Pilots must not be absent for more than two weeks or they risk facing being kicked from the corporation. Activity is important.

~ Spawncamping is not allowed. It is bad sportsmanship. Any proof of spawncamping outside of legitimacy will result in being kicked. No exceptions.

~ Initiating squadding within the corporation is wanted.

We use the official CDF Alliance TeamSpeak3 server. Here is the ID:

To join send an application ingame or private message me ingame or on forum. IGN: Efefay

Use teamspeak, lower latency than Skype. If you cant afford server, use RaidCall.

And welcome! May the fragz be with you!

A grand total (including myself)… 4

I always imagined you more for the corp “FOX” or “FOXY” or similar, but anyway, welcome officially in the name of the owls.

I always imagined you more for the corp “FOX” or “FOXY” or similar, but anyway, welcome officially in the name of the owls.

Ha! I may be foxy, but that doesn’t make me one of… -them-

And if you tear away the awful sense of humor and the constant spillage of everything going on inside my foxy little brain, I’m more of an intellectual than anything. I just make myself seem… Well… Go look at some older posts. Xp

RadiX welcomes you guys! See you on the battlefield! 

Vikings welcomes you, and if you guys want ppl to squad up, just let us know man, in the viking thread we have names of ppl you can contact and most definitely will fly with u guys

Ewwwwww… pigeons…

Maybe otter, fox, ferret, timberwolf, etc. But no birds. Birds are weird. (Well most birds)

Eagles n Hawks. Not ostriches. Ostriches are phat. Plus they can’t fly so they’re utterly pointless.

Howabout horses. You can ride horses. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Birds may be strange, but the peregrine is the fastest hunter on the planet.


Inconstance Strike wing Alpha (The Bloodhound) at your service.

To discuss with every player, please open a new thread in the round table section of the forum.

I can recommend Planetary Dynamics as a friendly and fun corp. So feel free to join!

Allied with INCON and sub-allied therefore with CDF, it’s super effective!

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Rank 6+ please~

We need to know that you’ll be profitable!

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Ah yes, I guess you’re right. I simply say Rank 6 because that’s when the corporation contracts are unlocked and we gain iridium passively just by our members doing whatever they want~




Corporation forum signatures will be made available upon request.


PM me with your in-game username and I’ll throw one together for you~