Planet wars and Mechas

Hi, this game have epic potencial, but not many player plays it…


Basically that what I am suggesting is happening in War Thunder. 2 types of combat in one game.


So here is my suggestion: Add Mecha-warriors and planet battle.


Planet battle would be on some planet (obviously) where will be 2 bases. Every planet would have different gravity and climate.

Hot planets: More damage for thermal weapons, less for EM weapons and more heating for weapons, more energy but bigger energy consume, slower speed (more overheat) Deserts, factories, volcano, lava. 

Green planets: Everything normal. A lot of trees, forests, cities, mountains.

Cold planets: Slower weapon heating, less energy but slower energy consume, less damage for thermal weapons, more damage for EM weapons, faster speed.

Arctic, snow, factories, a lot of water.


Gravity should affect speed, acceleration and bring overload to pilots. So no crazy stunts with interceptors. That also should include new Planet battle modules:  Like Weapon cooler, cockpit overload compensator…



Ground units of Star Conflict. Most of player knows that 100 tons heavy monsters with machine guns and jet packs. Mecha should have range as star ships (well… it would be unbalanced if there will be group of frigates bombing ground from space)

Also include new type of ship: Bomber: Slow, armored, carrying bombs, gunners controlling weapons (you can choose, pilot and shoot or drop bombs and leave shooting and flying on PC) Strong hull and weak shields? 

There should be also some Mechas classes like:


Sniper: Everyone knows, weak at CQC but owning on long range, can detect masked enemies.


Engineers: Ability to repair Mechas and build or repair towers/structures. Can place/remove mines and take down aircraft.


Tank: So much armor… You wanna die? His special function should be to fortifie himself. While fortified: Cannot move but reduced incoming damage.


Attacker/Rusher: Most common soldier. Balanced, not slow but not hyper fast, not weak and not OP.


Scout: That would be mix of interceptor and tackler from star ships. Fast and ability to cloak him.




It would be great to see one giant battle for planet with Mechas and space ships in one match.


Sorry for my English and maybe for that if it was posted here :slight_smile:

I’m sorry mate, you are looking for mechwarrior online. Wrong forum.

Still - If they sold mechas in this game, I’d buy them 

Uh? Yes. 

Nope,nope im gone. no way. This isn titanfall or some shït like that

Nope,nope im gone. no way. This isn titanfall or some shït like that





Titanfall is indeed a meh game, but mechas are not “xxxx like that”


Titanfall is indeed a meh game, but mechas are not “xxxx like that”

:lol: fine… I just dont want to see mech running around on asteroids while i fly around. That gives me another question, why dont the pilots of the ships have jetpacks? I mean, they could just leave their ship,fly over to enemy ship, and muder them with some random handgun. What guns will they have in the future? A pew pew pew blaster? Isnt that what they are called in star wars and star trek




Better the armored version.



Just atmospheric/surface battles would be fine for me. Even if the mecha don’t fly. ESPECIALLY if the mecha don’t fly.


Watching series like Dougram and VOTOMS taught me that your giant robots don’t need to fly to be good.

Your suggestion is mostly horseshoe, but something can be salvaged. Planets have gravity. Anything else can have (significant) gravity. External forces would be an interesting idea to play with. Not sure if provides any additional fun, but worth a try. Probably already tried.

Forget this