Pirate IR Flares [FunMod]

Name: Pirate IR Flares

Type: Multipurpose Active Module

Ranks: 1-15

Cooldown: 30s

Energy: 110

Tooltip: Unleashes a swarm of homing IR flares that lock on to nearby ships and structures to ridirect incoming missiles with a probability of 100%. If no ships or structures in range, functions like normal flares.

Function: When activated, if there are homing missiles locked on to the user, they will be locked on to these small brightly glowing projectiles that will randomly lock on to nearby (within 1,000m) ships or structures, friendly or otherwise. It just seems like a piratey thing to do. Sacrifice your team to save yourself. Xp

Homing flare properties:

Each use releases a swarm of small tracking flares.

Flare range: 750m

Flare turn speed: 120deg/s

Flare flight speed: 325m/s

Flare damage: 150 Thermal

Locking range: 1,000m


Monocrystal: 15

Computing chip: 7

Metal Blank: 8

Silicon Plate: 8

Graphite Plate: 2

Credits: 50,000

(bonus points to devs if OS/PvE pirates get this module to use)

This totally wasn’t an idea to counter Octopus and Tempest missiles

We need something like this. We’re in space after all. I remember seeing such a thing from another game, where it redirects incoming missiles to nearby enemies. Can’t remember which game.

I would looooooove to have this module. I don’t usually use flares because I have cloaky-stuff, but this would definitely make me use flares. Imagine using this in an OS swarm and just seeing a ton of tiny little micro-missile things flying out from a ship and pulling missiles with them in to enemies. The possibilities for this module’s use are endless.

You forgot your honor somewhere xD

A pirates honour is of dispute.

If they are dead, there is no point to honour.

Your karma is in the carebear side, how can you disregard your fellow mateys like that?  :008j:

Because there are two sides to this blade, and I intend to use both.

So is this a thing yet?

Oops thought that was someone else above me. Accidental double post.


This had better be in the next patch. Xp

If dislike button will be added to the game resutls screen with this, it will be incredibly popular.

If dislike button will be added to the game resutls screen with this, it will be incredibly popular.

And how is this relevant?

And how is this relevant?


Sacrifice your team to save yourself. Xp

First I didn’t want to leave a response, but after some thinking I do.

There is no practical use of it.

k in OS there are next to no missile users. Even if you come in the situation, what happen if you have NO target within its lockrange? Does they work then as the normal flares?

After some time I saw a few scenarios, in which it could be used, but it leaves a few questions.

Flare range: 750m

Flare turn speed: 120deg/s

Flare flight speed: 325m/s

Flare damage: 150 Thermal

Locking range: 1,000m

If I compare ‘flare range’ to ‘locking range’ how they both work against each other? Because if the flares ‘destroy’ themselves after 750m, how it’s useful/a disadvantage with the 1km lock range?

Second: How is its ‘surviving time’? ‘what happen if you have NO target within its lockrange?’

What happen if it stick to a target? What happen if the first question’s scenario happen - target is within ‘lock range’ but further away as the ‘flare range’? Will CD be reduced with increase in mk - else the benefits of upgrading it? How long will the flare last?

Those pesky rak turrets in dreadnought battle would be loling if you can stick a flare of this onto them - if it work like I hope it do.

Those pesky missile spam from destroyer can be redirected to a core/generator/whatever you are near by.

If it help: You could model this module like a weapon(like you did with photon torpedo from destroyer) and ‘shoot’ the flare to a target to stick incoming missiles to the target. This could be a counterbalance to having ‘no disadvantage’ of no victim in its range as you couldn’t use the module and be the victim to the incoming missile instead of a chosen one.

To make it short:

I see future for this, but it’s very dependent on the answers to my questions, so I will give a + or - to this after them.

If there are no targets in range it will work like normal flares as I said. I like the “sticking to the target” idea you had but I’m not sure how this would work for the devs. It should have lowering cooldown time just like the other flares as you upgrade.

Also, the lock range and flare life time is different simply because redirecting too many missiles to too many targets would be beyond useful, and you know how the devs feel about useful modules. Though I see what you mean. Also, the flares have minor damage that stacks up considerably if all of the flares hit the same target, so don’t worry about the whole no flare users thing.

Oh my god, I can’t believe it…


Is… is that… a Fox’s idea that I actually like? I think I’m starting to get crazy…


I mean, I REALLY like this idea. I’d love to equip it to a fighter, wait for a frigate to launch a cruise on you, get near that frigate, use the module and see the ship kill himself… 


Devs, implement this. Please. 

Sorry, commented but meant to just copy link. Xp