Pirate exchange

A suggestion to address the excessive credits, vouchers, common materials and iridium in player accounts.

Add an option to exchange highest rank mk4 modules/weapons for the various rare resources in game (Monocrystals, Neodium, Beryllium, Live Crystal containers). An addition to the 10 million credit lucky containers rather than a farming opportunity. Don’t get excited ![:002j:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/002j.png “:002j:”)


Current module salvage example.


Max rank Reactor overload cost   Salvage value

345600 Credits                             6 Computing chips

48600 Federation Vouchers         3 Screened Battery

250 Iridium                                   25 Iridium


More expensive

Max rank Combat Reboot cost   Salvage value

1284120 Credits                          6 Silicon

199300 Empire Vouchers            3 Screened Battery

250 Iridium                                   25 Iridium


One module costs around three times more than the other but offers less in resources. Computing chips are better than common silicon. Both are quick to become so common as to be useless to gather any more. The same can be said of credits and vouchers.

The suggestion is to make scrapping these items more useful to players than the current salvage system.


  • Could be called the black market or pirate exchange, or simply added into current salvage received.

  • Only applies to the highest rank of any module or weapon, fully upgraded to Mk4/5.

  • Does not replace any salvage options for Mk2 modules or any upgrade kits, so common materials accessibility is unaffected.

  • Current voucher limit means that players with maximum vouchers would not have too much of an advantage as gaining 200k vouchers cannot be done easily for the gain of a live crystal(combat reboot example).

  • Loyalty voucher gains from all sources become practical again for many players who have hit the limit and makes player license more valuable. As vouchers are recieved from all game modes then nobody is excluded. Players are generally more rewarded in this manner by higher rank play (Voucher rank restrictions)

  • In addition to the vouchers, the credit and iridium cost required to produce items allows for the same sink effect as the lucky containers. A use of excess resources for items the player actually wants. But not at such a rate that would effect gs bundle sales.

  • The system could be expanded to include ship parts that the player has looted that they do not want, either for a lesser value part or reasonable monocrystal amount. But this is of less concern.


I wont list all the modules and probable exchanges, more resources to create then more valuable material received. Discuss.