Ping Coping Mechanism

Okay so one of the reasons why I can’t have covert ops in my lineup is cuz they’re hell to fly when I have bad ping. But what if you were able to have 2 ship lineups? At the beginning of the game, you have the option to choose your high ping lineup or your low ping lineup and you play with that lineup the rest of the game. This way, people like me who constantly play with stupid ping can, when we get lucky and have 60 ping, fly an interceptor or a fast ship! 






There is already the chance to take 4 ships into battle.

No he means a second slower lineup that you can use when ping makes your other ships impossible to fly. I like this idea a lot, as my internet isn’t always the best.

I’d say I’m more against this than for it. This would allow people to fit certain lineups for very specific purposes, and pick a lineup based on who they are playing or what gamemode it is. That would probably benefit RU players more than US…


I would support adding presets to pick before queueing, like War Thunder has. This way you don’t have to swap ships if you wanna change the rank range you play in. Then you just click the next preset to change that before queueing.


i always have high ping, this wouldnt make any difference xD

About your suggestion Arctic. There technical limitations for this.

About high ping: help us with your data [here](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/28695-russian-lag-servers/?p=342621)