Picking Game Modes.

I dunno if they have plans to do this but it would be awesome if we could choose what game mode we are entering…i the random factor is ok but I think we should get an option, randomly join or join game mode X, not only that but maybe expanding the match making system by allowing selecting of tiers, and being blocked if you exceed the requirements…probably in the works but it’d be interesting to read what more experienced players think.

So if I want to grind Jericho LRF I play Beacon Hunt only? I think not.

There are custom battles if you want to play a specific mode, randoms need to stay … random.

" but it’d be interesting to read what more experienced players think."

I take it back, too salty.

Viable if there were only 2 game modes in Star Conflict ie… Beacon Capture -or- Team Deathmatch


Many lobby based shooters do this (few modes, many maps)


But simply changing to this way of doing things in current state of the game will mean longer waiting times. During low peak hours, I think I’d give up on playing. Despite complaints of tier mixing and game modes and whatnot - waiting times have been reduced significantly.


T3 wait times used to go over 3 minutes (5 minutes sometimes)

Now … it’s mere seconds during peak time.

Ok, that makes sense.

We just don’t have the numbers at higher tiers to support this type of lobby system then? I know they have the “custom battles” options, but they never look appealing. I guess it would be nice to at least be able to get some kind of filter where you can set a preference that the server matches your requirements to per tier. Blah that would probably increase times as well.

I guess I’m just so used to regular shooters where you just have a browser of rooms that you filter so you can join a match doing what you want to do, i don’t find all game modes particularly fun.

Now that I’m reading this back its kind of lame and a recurring theme that we don’t get options because they are covering for lack of content or in the case player base. I guess I can only hope the game becomes more popular.

Created a poll –

[http://forum.star-conflict.com/index.php?/topic/21112-only-2-game-modes/](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/21112-only-2-game-modes/)