Photon Emitter



Combat module for suppressor class destroyers, creates a stream of active particles. The compact particle cloud can traverse up to 10 000 m. Upon explosion creates a zone of unstable space. Affected ships lose 30 pts. of hull resistance to EM damage, and the effect stacks. Space becomes stable in 25 s.

I like this module because it is like a sniper weapon for destroyers. I just don’t get it why its effect takes 25 seconds since the next shot can be made in every 10 seconds. Btw, does this unstable zone have effect on own and friendly ships?

It does affect friendly ships. This has been tested. You must be careful about that because you could get your team killed very easily with stacked effects. Someone also said that the 25s effect does not reset the timer when it stacks again, but it seems that it does. My highest hit with it was in a Crimson Haze while killing a carrier. It dealt over 30k and it was amazing. X3

Most important part is the shadow for sure. Without it, the module would deal near no damage.

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Stable as matches in wich destroyers paticipate.

Can someone clarify this weapon for me?


When i hit someone with it, i have 25 seconds to hit him again for stacked negative resist. When i get the 2nd shot, does the 25sec get reset back to 25 or just continues the countdown until zero is reached?

If my ally hits my target, does he get those 25 seconds for himself or does he have to deal with my first shot and my countdown, is it shown to him? What is the max resist stacking number? Does negative resist function the same as positive resist does in terms like, if 100 pts is cca 50% and 200pts 70%, is the negative i.e. 200 points also -70% or more? If my enemy gets a barrage of photons of multiple players, does he have only one 25 sec countdown? Is there a time-out between 25sec hits?

My highest hit with it was in a Crimson Haze while killing a carrier. It dealt over 30k and it was amazing. X3


Now imagine 10 times that value :smiley:


Great, just what i thought, negative resist can go all the way seriously negative while positive goes just about to 70%, what a obvious exploit. Thx for the info.