Phaser self-damage needs to go

In PvP I end up doing more damage to myself than enemies with it. This is very bad…

Don’t get me wrong, though. I love the weapon. I’ve found so many useful things to do with it and I can effectively use it in invasion. It just needs a bit longer of a delay between firing orbs and darts. (Either that, or my original proposition)

How… Am I… Ugh… Ok, so -you- have absolutely no problem using this weapon?

Hold down to shoot a ball of energy, only to release click and detonate it right in your face? I know ways around this, but the fact that it happens during normal use is crazy.


This weapon is during the new-years “new weapon testing” phase, and will more than likely go through heavy tweaking before it is released as a class-specific weapon. We both could be talking nonsense and not know it yet.

Of course I have a problem with this weapon. It doesn’t mean I should ask the developers to change it though. It simply means I need to practice with it and find ways to either fix or find a way around the problem.

Coil Mortars used to self-damage. I don’t know why they changed it because it wasn’t needed because it added more depth and strategy to the game. Self-damage also didn’t need to be removed because the problem was that it was hard to hit fast moving ship. Self-damage had nothing to do with solving that real problem. It just made the Coil Mortar more convenient to use. It was a part of daily use yet people didn’t complain about it. They simply didn’t fire to close or didn’t care. Why should the Phaser be any different?

Anyways to make it harder to damage yourself use the ammo that increases projectile speed. That way the energy bubble will be farther away when you accidentally shot it with a sniper shot.

I’ve found that even with supernovas, you can just hold for the bubble, then point somewhere else to fire the bolt. It may throw your controls a bit off and make you swerve, but at least you don’t take 5k dmg.

I find my self using the bubbles more than the bolts themselves, actually. They do more damage and can hit multiple targets. The bolts are just for those super-skilled players that can manually detonate a little ball of energy right as it impacts a ship whatever distance away. My hand-eye isn’t good enough for that yet. XD

If developers would make the mistake of removing self damage from this there are going to be many rage quits.


Be happy that the slow bubble does 6k damage and move the xxxx on.

Please stick to [this](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/25637-a-small-word-about-the-new-phaser/) thread.