Phase-Engine Passive Mod

That’s the idea. To use your engine like a light-bike and kill people. The easy to dodge part is only a balancing factor~

heavily OP for fast moving ships, isnt it?

It only works for a few seconds though, so it is really only effective against fast ships, as you would have to fly very very close to slower ones to get them to hit it.

This idea would stop the merciless spinning of interceptors around frigates. Or at least inhibit it.

Look fox, do you want me to make a new thread for this idea? I can do that or just completely write the idea here. Also who is this Kazumi guy and why is he/she so butthurt?

Trails aren’t taxing on systems. My system gets 19 FPS with ship trails and 19 FPS without ship trails. There is practically no difference.

I like tron idea. If you want my suggestions just say so.

Someone pleas delete this topic. I’m moving it to its own post like I forgot to do ages ago. Less confusion that way and I still like the idea.