Name: Phantom-2
Type: Destroyer secondary weapon (missile slot)
Ranks: 8-14
Damage: 900 EM
RoF: 360 rounds/min
Projectile speed: 5000m/s
Projectile range: 3000m
Max speed: 400m/s
Strafe speed: 400m/s
Rotation speed: 90deg/s
Charges in cartridge: 1
Cartridge reloading time: 90s
Tooltip: Launches a controlable drone with 5000 points of hull strength. Once launched, the user’s view will be switched to that of the drone, and they can control the drone until it is destroyed, or runs out of energy. Each drone has enough energy to stay active for 120 seconds. Once the battery runs out, the drone self-destructs dealing 6000 thermal damage in 550m radius.


This would give destroyers an option to bring suppressive fire in to battle faster, from a distance, and be able to chase down enemies that are too fast. The drone is controlled just like any other ship, but has no modules, so they can still be controlled on the destroyer. The drone is first-person, so you see what it sees and no weird third-person view. It is like a guided torpedo but more. Fast strafing in all axiis to allow circling and evasive maneuvers. The drone only lasts for a set amount of time before it self-destructs. The destroyer can detonate the drone at any time by right-clicking.




Image attached of the design I had in mind. Down-slopes in the model are indicated by gradients of red to white.

No side-view because I’m lazy.




too awesome for sc

Exactly why it would be perfect.