Since SC is a MMO game there should be some kind of pets. For example crystallids like crystal drone or a bigger ones even predator or hunter, but like a separate pet slot not like crystal drone in rocket slot that you actually can have. They could for example pick up loot in open space or give some buffs or deal dmg to nearby enemies it could also depends on what pet you will use. To make less spam in battles it should works only in os. The way to get one may be buying it in the shop for credits or gs or tame it in os.

You could put it all into a bullet list like

  • does this
  • and that
  • and also this

after explaining the looks to simplify the idea and make it more concise, maybe even add some pictures from the internet as a ref point.

That’s hilarious I posted something very similar to this waaaaaaaay back in the day. I love the idea though. 

So the slot and its position could be like this  unknown.png
and in this slot you will only have pets you own or you can buy for credits and gs.

Pets should have a few roles (separately or simultaneously depends on the pet):

  • picking up containers

  • giving buffs: dmg, resists, speed etc depends on pet (also separately or simultaneously)

  • dealing dmg or healing


After a moment of reflection I found that it could work just like seed-chips works to make it more diverse so like this:

  1. Tame any crystallid (I’ll write how later)

  2. It rolls yours pet stats:

  • if it can pick up containers y/n

  • if it gives you any buffs, if yes what buff/buffs and with how many % of the bonus

  • if it deal any dmg or heal, if yes how many pts

*it should be able to give you a pet with every stat possible, but also without any stats at all only for decoration (if you are unlucky)

  1. When you get one you can put it on your ship

  2. When you have it on your ship it flies around you and does what it is supposed to do

It should works only in os (and maybe spec op and pve)


For tame it could be a special rocket that doesn’t deal any dmg just make you start taming any crystallid you want like this:

  1. You choose what crystallid you want to tame just by locking it as a target

  2. You shoot this special rocket (it should have a fancy name but I’m too lazy to come up with it)

  3. This rocket will make you starts tame your crystallid, but to do it you must:

  • stay max 2km from the crystallid all the time until it’s done

  • wait enough time (the more the bigger crystallid is, let’s say 10s for drone, 30s for biomorph, 60s for crystallid and 3min for both predator and hunter)

  • not die

  1. When it’s done your crystallid teleports to the station where you can find it in pets slot


There could be a few event pets or purchasable ones with fixed stats (yes there could be orca just for you [@ORCA1911](< base_url >/index.php?/profile/254263-orca1911/))

I’ll just put this here

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