Permanent Contracts

Hello everyone,


I got some ideas about contracts …



We need permanent contracts like -


if u fly a jerichoship and destroy a fed/emp ship u get 100loyality

blant the bomb and get 150points

capture a beacon and get 50points

5kills in a row 100points 10kills in a row 200points


This changes would give a permanent loyalitygain but its not that high like before


u would get per battle  around 200-1000points depends on ur personalskill etc.





I want constructive arguments !



I’d happily see permanent Contracts or just more Contracts with greater variety like the ones you mentioned.  

Agreed, or maybe sleeper contracts for ingame awards. Get 15 kills in a frigate? There is 400 rep.

I agree that something needs to be done about the contracts. This latest patch is nice, but it still feels prohibitive to ideal progress. I think that these ideas of passive, always-on contracts would be a great step towards placating the community.

Problem is, lots of new players are not familiar with the 1400 rep and loyalty gain days a few moths ago. So the 3-4k newer players(steam release and after) are used to become the level they want earn regardless.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved getting 8k+ with 2x and 200% booster, but that was quite out of place with how the sub faction progression should have been.