"Penalty Modules" vs everything for everything somewhere

We have penalties for:

* rotation (for hull resistance)

* speed (for hull strength)

* shield volume (for energy capacity or speed)

* hull strength (for energy regeneration)


But you have no choice to:

* exchange speed for shield strength

* exchange turn rate for shield strength


What stops devs from making every possible combo for every slot?


This is actually not a bad idea as long as it’s balanced.

Added for review.

This could resolve the lack of a shield mod that increased all resists without the need to be at 90% speed. Especially important due to the constant gravi lens, wazgot station debuffs and so on.


The easiest thing would be to simply make the Endavour’s Reinforced Shield available for all ships. The overall effectiveness could be reduced to +25 resists to keep adaptive shields interesting.

Thanks for the nice answers.


We could have a 20% penalty and 40% gain divided through the value of each attribute on a ship or role.

Each connection uses the attribute-associated penalty and gain values. This makes balance easier.


The thing is: if energy-slots can boost shield regeneration and shields-slots can increase the energy-storage, where do you put these items into?

I find it funny how the engine-slots handles collision dampening when the cpu should control the existing engines in time.


More realistic would be:

  1. Shield-Tuning-CPU: Collision-damage is now to shields and tuning shields give +30% resistance to missiles and shots with a travel time of 0.5 seconds if they attributed the highest dps within a second.