Particle Beam [Missile]

Name: Particle Beam

Type: Secondary weapon

Damage: 3,000 EM per second

Range: 2,500m

Wind-up: 2 seconds

Cooldown/recharge: none

Tooltip: Holding down the missile trigger collapses your shields through a Vulpanium lens in to a focused beam aimed at the crosshairs. The beam passes through objects dealing damage. Uses up 1,000pts of shield per second and can be fired without cooldown as long as the user has shields. Deals damage proportional to the amount of shields taken times three.


Appearance: Looks like the Energy Converter graphic, but is the color of shields. The beam looks like the Pyro Beam’s first “charging” stage. Has a 2 second wind-up that just shows the particles on the shields, then once it is done, fires the continuous beam at the crosshairs.


Would work better like a permanent “module” type weapon rather than a purchased/crafted ammo. Like the destroyer secondaries should be.

Not sure what we would use this on, everything with shields that could use this effectively already has missiles people would probably use more frequently, I like the idea except that it should have diminishing returns instead of breaking thermodynamics (better for logic and balance), say 75% efficiency instead of 300%? 750dps isn’t shabby for a missile with no reload… Idk, nice idea though

Well the limitation to this is the whole “uses shields” thing. As in it does absolutely nothing when you have no shields. (still does damage but only as fast as your shields regen.)

Meant mainly as a “tackle” of sorts for ships that don’t need shields etc. Or a finisher if done right. Also makes ships right out of spawn much more deadly, so spawn camping would be insanely reduced.


And take a moment to reflect on exactly how many things in this sci-fi arcade future space dogfighting game actually follow any laws of physics or thermodynamics etc.