OWL Trailer Videos

More to Come:  Here is version 1

Man this music is depressing

I want moar

I do agree the music is a bit… Weird.

But yeah. And how did you get that Perry to flip that fast? XD

I like this music …  :012j:

I like the music. . . that first scene is epic.  The flyby looks soo good with the music matching.

Music is sad! This stuff is more uplifting trailer music:



(shame it is not free…)

The music is good!

nice tesla :slight_smile: i like it, also it shows the rest of that ancient recorded fight between oreg and me for the cameras. with your filter the actual idea also comes quite alive, with all the engine trails fading through the screen, which was the original idea. it might be a bit long through that, so it needs a bit more material i guess lets donate more.


i also like the tone being more dark :slight_smile:


(but still all this kinda belongs into the video section not as new thread in the corp threads.)

wut wut

wut wut