Operation Earth - Ellydium Evolves



 Operation Earth


Crystallids… The remnants of the precursors, those who had the ability to shape the living things and give life to materials. They’ve created many-many things, but the most important material they created, the one that brought the darkness to the universe millions of years later: living iridium.

Crystallids… They hunger for the living iridium, that’s their ammunition, food and even their blood. Just to get more iridium, like parasites, they drilled deep inside Biones and built living stations inside them, killed them and made the whole dead planets into stations: Leviathans.

Crystallids… Their hunger for iridium caused a massive invasion: Just because we humans used their food as a high-tech rare material, they’ve invaded the whole galaxy searching for 2 biones, PB-42 and Hanchron. During their invasion, they even attacked us, and took our home planet - Earth.

Now the time has come to strike back! One of Ellydium’s major projects seems to be successful, and they’re ready to start one of the most important missions until the factions are fighting each other: Operation Earth! Time to take revenge, take back our home and destroy their leviathans, we must show who they’ve dealt with! Mercenaries, forward to Earth!


Ellydium: Project High Rise

Behind the scenes, Ellydium was running a large scale project… A project that possibly could change the technology and military of humanity. After long researching and experimenting with the debris of destroyed aliens, among with Defiler, Destroyer, Devourer and Free Hunter’s wrecks, they’ve created many ships: Seems like those ships can make each other grow stronger, and they create something very mysterious and interesting - an Ellydium Tech Tree.

The tech tree can be unlocked by getting 3 Ellydium Points - Players could be able to earn 1 point by crafting ships Thar’Ga, Tai’Kin and Waz’Got, and get 2 by crafting Ze’Ta.

The tech tree is made of 3 major parts, depending on their ship’s role and biggest advantage: Tree Firepower, Tree Protection and Tree Mobility. Each tree has 4 ships:

-The first ship starts at rank 1, and can be raised until rank 5 to unlock the next ship.

-The second ship starts at rank 5, and can be raised until rank 10 to unlock the next ship.

-The third ship starts at rank 10, and can be raised until rank 15 to unlock the final ship of the tree.

-The final ship of the tree is rank 17 and very special: It’s not the special module that you can change on the ship - Players can change their TYPE!

-After collecting all 3 final ships, players can unlock a master ship: A rank 17 Ellydium Destroyer - Players can change its role. If they choose firepower, the ship will be slow and vulnerable, but its firepower will surely leave its mark on the battlefield. If they choose protection, the ship will be slow and won’t have much firepower, but it will be a hard nut to crack, a real space tank. If they choose mobility, the ship won’t be well protected and won’t strike big either, but it will be able to move very fast and often teleport, so it’ll be good at disrupting the enemy.

-Corporation Leaders who got the Master Ship, can build the dreadnought Defiant for the corporation (later about that)

In the Firepower tree, there are 3 types of ships: Covert Opses, Gunships and Long Range Frigates.

In the Protection tree, there are 3 other types of ships: ECMs, Command and Guard frigates.

In the Mobility tree, there are the 3 missing types: Tacklers, Recons and Engineers.


The Dreadnought Defiant - A possibly balanced ship. Its advantage doesn’t depend on its modules, it rather depends on the team’s strategy!

Corporations can’t select Defiant as a major ship to attack with: To enter a battle with the Defiant, the corporation that owns the dreadnought must have a group with at least 3 people, and a leader who’s the CEO or a Vice President. Why need that? Because the Defiant doesn’t have good firepower, shields or combat drones, but it has something else… Usable Attack Modules! The Group Leader can use an Attack Module (like sending a massive group of combat drones to one specified module on the enemy dreadnought, or focusing the Major Calibers on one module, making it faster to capture while making other modules slower to capture.

The Defiant also has defence modules: They can disable the turrets on the half of the dreadnought, and while one half of the dreadnought is defenseless, the other half’s turrets are 2x stronger! OR, can disable the turrets at 2 modules, and make the turrets at the remaining one modules 3x stronger (this can even make defending the dreadnought easier if one of the modules are disabled).

So, the Defiant’s power depends on the team on its side. A badly coordinated team can make the dreadnought an easier target than others, but a well coordinated team has more chances to win. Of course, it’s possible that there will be Defiant vs Defiant battles.


Ellydium is also working on building gates for more alien sectors: If they can build the gates, and find usable resources here, maybe you’ll have more open space locations to explore and to get unique loot from alien ships. Ellydium is also studying a new Leviathan, but most likely you will never see it in-game, only hear about it… Use your imagination, hehe.