openspace warpgates and alien gate visual improvements

I want to suggest beatiful visual rework for open space and may be for spec ops defilier mission.
The wormholes that lands alien space are not look realistic because of they are 2d
I know little bit of 3d modelling for games and they can be replaced as 3d spherical model but faces inverted to inside. With this trick players can think they are actually flying inside a wormhole. For example my guess background is works that way in open space and other arenas(pvp,pve). There is a giant  spherical model covers all around space and it has triangular faces, facing trough inside.

And i want to say that jumpging trough warpgates can be visiually better like; when jumping trough gates be like, we are spawning for pvp and space sightly change color from previous sector to jumping sector while its loading.

Well while loading game might freezes couple times less than one second makes little bit problem for it visually.

I had this post so did many others so you can consider it kind of done, with the OS rework in action you’ll prolly see some improvements ![:D](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/006j.png “:D”)

2d? I don’t get the point of the op, can someone try to explain it to me?