opening new servers ( South America )

Hello everyone from Gaijin / Targem / Forum . Have you ever thought about creating a server in South America? . I and practically everyone I know plays with a very high ping, a problem that lowers our performance a lot in most games and in the worst cases causes more disorder than fun (which gets worse when we buy paid content and we can not enjoy everything ). This is not a reality of some players in my region, this is a reality of South America (with all games). From the moment that someone is available to help us and create a way to play without difficulty with the internet, we all come to play comfortably, and we become useful for ourselves and the team. I’m not saying this for personal reasons, although I’m experiencing difficulties in star conflict because of my ping, but this is true for every South American player who wants to progress in star conflict, warthunder or any other game.

You want to be sure ? Please do not hesitate to search . 

This video is not mine but it shows what happens to me and with several that play with high ping, the intensity varies with the severity of the problem.

Text written by me and translated into google translator .