Open universe Vote

General make up of all universes will be the same, the things that will change is the over all way things work. For example how you buy ships, or items etc.

Option one

The first option is a universe that follows. You gain ships by rank. Rank in this universe is increased in exp requirements, or a lot more ranks are added. factions in this universe have their own types of ships and technologies. These will include altered versions of missiles, or weapons. For example, a missile that shuts down engines, instead of all modules. Shields that reflect damage, and so forth. These special technologies will require specific and special licenses (Bought one time). Technology in this universe for both race and faction will be found specifically in its faction or races space. the factions will be isolated from each other. There will be neutral systems to conquer for clans in this universe. conquering that space will turn that space into a system owned by the corporations major race/faction into that race or faction majority in the corp. travel in this universe will be done by star gates. there will be trading and mining in this universe.

Option 2

in this game you have something similar to eve. the universe is fact, it has open space between factions (meaning they are at relative peace with each other). there will be high security space, with no security space. there is trading and mining in this universe. space is conquered by alliances only (collections of corporations. travel in this universe is done by a star gate or jump drive. Further, ships are bought on a market when dying, and you will spawn in a space station via some sort of respawn system.

Option 3

this universe consists of a collection of “maps” these maps are small 50km to 150km sized zones, that consist of various things like stations, asteroids etc. in this universe you spawn in your last station when killed, in the same ship you died in. in this universe the game is all based on rank of a person to gain rank of weapons, which give power to the player who has longest been in game, with the most skill. there is some sort of clan-related conquest syste in game. No trading or mining.

Option 4

post your own idea of what you see the universe being like.

Everything is fine as it is. I actually enjoy the simplicity of the game. I used to play EVE Online, which is an open Universe Sandbox game.

I’m reading this topic and I remembered the old Taikodom. But you suggest Taikodom 2008 mixed with Taikodom LU that is being developed.
Are you from Brazil?

taikodom living universe é a maior porcaria ja desenvolvida na face da terra, e a empresa HOPLON INFOTAINMENT que produziu o game é totalmente imcompetente e incapaz de fazer um jogo de qualidade, na epoca da versao 2008 o jogo era exepcional, mas na versao living universe até hoje é uma vergonha para o Brasil e para o mundo dos game, conseguiram transformar um mmo de guerra espacial,num mmorpg, sem conteúdo,infantil,pesado pra rodar,bugado e ridiculo de tediante pois 10 minutos de jogo bastam para enjoar.      


quanto ao star conflict, o jogo poderia ter um universo livre como eve online, onde pudessimos fazer o que der na telha, e que nós construissimos a nossa propria historia dentro do game.

I really like option one but the “one time buy license” is kind of suspicious to me. Please don’t require players to use actual money to buy that license.

Personally Id like a mix between the option 2 and option 3… Partly because mind numbing matches simply get old quick. and that area based systems would allow for more expanded play by allowing zones to be added as the game grows…

Where there is some sort of mining/hunting/resource management…
Safezones with guard NPCs and unforgiving ship destruction/repair…
Maybe not on eve online scale of brutality, but perhaps that will  depend on systems security level…
In friendly territory, you would pay a small fee to have your wrecked ship towed back to station where you can repair it with small ammount of mined materials and salvaged parts instead of paying a huge cost for a new ship… (pay another player with right equipment to tow it for you so it is done faster than an npc can or to go into “unsafe” areas npcs would not accept to travel)
Id love to see scavanging to be a part of the game. You could “loot” a players wreck, but if you get caught you will face penalty. When your wreck is looted, it will naturally take more parts and resources to repair. The higher the sec status, the more difficult it is to steal…

If this game will have mining of some sort. (and it should in my oppinion) it should not be something that is full of tedium. It should be more engaging and not simply a time sink… It should be corporation effort to pull a load back to base successfully in one piece… Maybe something like deploying a small mining module on an asteroid and come back for a load minutes later to collect. 
Id like to see more story line connected to a living world. Where resources are used by clonies and stations daily. Sustaining a colony/station should also be corporate effort that will in turn offer influence bonus aswell as possible research, reputation and other services the faction can offer…

Ships should require a crew. I know a fighter/interceptor have only room for two, but frigs and above naturally require more… You can get away with running a ship alone as a captain/pilot, but having more would offer bonuses of some sort. You could hire temporary merc crew or maybe even find permanent ones through missions/explorations who are willig to tag along. (escape pods!: ) Keeping your crew well supplied, fed and happy (money) is a must!
This also opens up some possibilities of elite crew that player can buy via RM currency. But nothing that a FTP player cant achieve by grinding/luck…

Equipment should be researched and crafted. Bought and sold… No weapon or module is the same. Something like diablo in space :slight_smile: Where weapons have different stats depending on how well its contructed and by the quality of components… A player can have a lucky day by discovering a perfect weapon for his play style with all the right stats through missions/pirate hunting aswell. (naturally in more dangerous systems)

Well… i had more on how i wish the game was, but i  have brainfatz… Maybe ill add later :stuck_out_tongue:


i like you idea of diablo 3 applied afflix, but i dont think the engine will support this.

the mining idea is also interesting, in its concept it seems much more pleasing to me then the time sink eve had with mining

although i must say that sort of large-scale mining operations were attractive and interesting.


the idea i had for sc was to tie the mining into the technological level of a planet. the higher the technology level of a planet, the more access they had to defenses, larger populations, and increased production rates of trade goods (which were automatically added to the trade stations, by/via sims) each planet would produce specific goods, into different categories that have low value high production, or low production high value. this way trading in the universe was dependent upon the planets production capabilities, and as a result every trading station was different every hour, making trade dynamic and unique every time you log in; each time you would browse the market, and see the best prices, and trades. This would prevent camping of systems between location a and location b.

Option one is nice maybe a combo with option 3 kinda reminds me of Earth and Beyond

IMO i would love to see this game go into open world i like a good game that has you roaming places in high and null sec , or at least i did anyway in EVE

had to go with option two, considering i started playing eve in beta and im still there and ive always wanted more twich based combat in that game.  but i worry its not really feasable with how linier ship progerssion seems to be.


pretty sure it would create forums full of newer pilots on a rage cause somebody in like a T3 or something came and dumped some pwnage on all the lower tier people. mabe im wrong i have yet to see what happens when a higher tier ship is swarmed by lower tier ships the odds always seem to be 1 or two lower ships and a sizable group of higher tier people in my experiance thus far (yes im still a noobie). 


although if im worng on that point then this just may be the best space mmo ever if they give us an open universe and an economy.

oh yea sure lets just scrap this game and make a completely different one

acho que por mais que o pessoal da gaijin saiba fazer um pvp exepcional, eles nao conseguir manter o jogo com tanta “emoçao” e “entusiasmo” para jogar,  pois uma hora VAI enjoar esse deatmatch por mais divertido e inovador que se torne.  um universo aberto é mais que bem vindo pois abrirá as portas para uma infinidade de conteúdo ligado a exploraçao, mineraçao,comércio,  pvp, pve, guerras , e etc.  e o pessoal da gaijin é mais que competente para fazer um conteúdo divertido.

Voted option 2 however, alone, it will not go beyond copying some other concepts. Simple battles as it is now will eventually get boring. People will either lose interest or quit the game altogether. Given the circulative nature of these types of games, the player base will show continuous increase however eventually, stagnation will be the end of the game. Now there is a game that can be a long term commitment or a game that is played once in a while and is rarely regarded. What this game will be is in the hands of developers currently and there is a lot of potential. With proper development, this game would be a great game that can eventually doom some others.

this post is out dated, as of now i pretty much know 90% of what the universe will be like when it comes out.



in regards to this my biggest worry is the current cap the dev’s have planned for clan battles on the release of the universe. I feel this can be good and bad, but i strongly believe it is way to low, and needs to be at least double of what it is planned to be (I feel tripple is near where it should cap)


I wont give specifics, but it is how i feel. other then that from what i see, Give take the important aspect of travel when i am not 100% sure upon, i like what i see for the planning of the universe. I do think if i am right about that travel then everything will be ok for the most part.


The things i don’t want to see reproduced


  • Gate Camping

  • Massive Battles to the point where numbers blot out tactical values

  • People all in 1 system, and the rest are dead. Ideally in open space controlled by a corporation i’d like to see 20-50 people. This puts current corporation sizes WAY under the level that they need to be at. an issue i am fighting with the dev’s about atm. 100 simply is just to low, i feel corp cap should be up to 500. With a min level of 250.

  • Frog Hopping Conquest - This is a term that suits “pos wars” from eve where the two sides sit in the same system for 8-9 months doing nothing. This can be easily avoided by not adding cooldowns that are 24 hours (Reinforcement timers). The bubbles are perfectly fine themselves, but should be addressed differently then eve. However because i know the conquest mechanics (for the most part) this will not be an issue.




Things i want to see


  • Frequent Attacks on all corporate owned space. The best way to do this is to make empire (Npc space) Connect to all conquerable systems, this way if anyone steps out, they get in to a corps space, and each corps space should have 3-4 access points.


  • Frequent mid-sized battles 25 vs 25 (to) 75 vs 75


  • Conquest benefits that go beyond ratting (Like system defense upgrades based on the amount of space owned).


  • A large universe (over 150 star systems; 100 conquestable, 50 npc) 


  • Things in the system that can be used tactically like nebula that keep you from being detected (from out side if you are in) (Things like this is already planned)


  • Upgraded space (we should be able to upgrade our space, and make utopia’s and empires out of it).






In short


Player created and controlled content > Dev controlled content.


In other words


Wow = Dev controlled (PVE RAIDING)

Eve = Player controlled

Eve just without the constant mining XD And also no target and let the guns do the work, Actully being able to aim should always stay in star conlfict!

Mixture of 2 and 3.


Somewhat enough of a space, sectors that will house freelancers, mercenaries, bounty hunters, corporations, etc… Imagine a 3 legged galaxy, each faction holding one leg of it. Middle is the big battle zone, and buffering areas are owned by corporations.  


But also mining/trading. Note that, mining & trading should be simple, optional and beneficial stuff. If you give huge advantages to miners/traders, this game will lose its appetite for me.

Ah this old topic;)


Just copy Freelancer;)

this won’t make the game more complex

and keep the fights quick n deadly:)


But i guess the devs have their own idea of “Free Universe” Conquest.

Definitely option 2 !!!
A Freelancer Like would be SOOOOOOOOOOOO COOOOL !!!


The problem with games where you can only fight is, the fact you’ll get bored in the end. Cause it’s too repetitif.
The dev team should really take this to considération. Add new variety to the game. New ways to increase and improve your ship.

mining, trading, and of course fighting, therefore they need an open univers, indeed how do you want to trade in instanced univers ? :wink:

sincerely yours, a freelancer fan.