Open Space is too buggy

EDITED due to being too salty and it not being approved…

I logged on today to do my Open Space Dailies for the mono. I was on one where you escort the transport and have to kill the predator at the end or you will lose the transport. This all took me about 30 minutes due to:

  1. I got stuck in the warp gate from Station Eden to next sector for about 5 minutes and finally decide to abandon ship. When I get back to station it has me logged out saying something about internet issue then asks if I want to return to battle. I hit yes and it spawns me into the sector I was trying to get to in the first place.

  2. I finally get there and I killed all aliens including final predator at the gate where the transport arrives and then the transport gets stuck and isn’t moving. I could even fly through it.

Man, this is just irritating. I wanted to just log in real fast, do the OS dailies then play a different game. Instead I spend all this time and don’t even get the mono.