One Free Secret Project Ship:

I would like to suggest that, since there’s a good many secret project ships now and the amount of time spent to build even one is considerably a large amount of time to spend, 

that you be able to build a single secret project ship from any of the three factions that you’ve unlocked the ability to build from for free, (with the credit payment, but no parts needed) but only once. 

Unless of course you want to be generous, and have each faction allow you to build one free secret project ship, aside from paying the credits for it to be built, of course. 


Remember, there are many out there who in the end, may very well rebuild their secret project ship just because they made a single mistake, and wish to have it improved.

Give them an at least ‘free of self-made parts’ deal on their first buy. 


Another explanation is that each faction, to reward the mercenary for their long services (reached T5) are given the ability to create their first secret project ship for the low price of ‘just the credit price’ within each faction.

Basically three, almost free, secret project ships.


That about sums it up, any suggestions? Can this happen?

Else-wise, i suggest lowering the amount of time needed to spend to gain the secret project ships. 


I’ve created my caltrop twice, and I’m currently building my third iteration. It’s a pain to rebuild. 

Aside from that, I wish to build the other secret project ships, but it might not happen in my life-time.

Can this happen?


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Maybe it can, BUT for a rental purpose? Like only useable for 2 weeks, with lower price to make, and after 2 weeks you can’t use it until you build it for real?

I already suggested all of this. Why do we always bring up the same subject?

Nothing should be free, but at least it should be redeemable for the full cost, except for credits, of course.