One click, in-game bug reporting.

Let’s face it, the current bug report system is a mess. In order to report a bug you have to log out, start a thread on the forums, then trawl through hard to find folders, looking for hard to understand files, then zip those files up and attach them to the thread, all the while hoping that they are the right files the Devs need and they’re from the game where the bug was seen.


What would be far better for both parties would be an in-game bug submission system. Something quick and easy, like so:


At the end of each match a red button would display in the top right corner. This would be visible on the after match high score screen. Clicking this would open a window prompt asking you to pick what type of bug it is from a drop down menu (this could include “Matchmaking”, “Connection”, “Graphics / Sound” and “Other”). Players would also have a box to provide more details.


Once submitted, the feature would automatically send a full set of game logs to the Devs. Using the player’s choices and notes they can then find the specific problem, and players have their gaming cycle left uninterrupted.

+1 good idea

+1 You’re trowing a lot of good ideas, too bad they (the devs) won’t ever notice and will keep on their “OMFG zombie mode on” rampage, removing useful stuff, adding worthless things and so on ad aeternum.