Old Rank System + Old Game Modes = Perfection

For those who may not know. It used to be that there were different difficulty settings. You had Arcade, and Hardcore (or was it realism?) It was 5 months ago I stopped playing and they removed these. 


Arcade is what you have now. Unlimited deaths on ships. Hardcore is what you have in 1 game mode, 1 life per ship. This expanded ALL game types.


With the old Ranking system, this worked. As you could die only once per ship, and it’d be ok, because your faction ranking would go up the same amount anyway.


With this setup I explain in this post [http://forum.star-conflict.com/index.php?/topic/20690-roll-back-the-synergy-requirements-and-ranks/](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/20690-roll-back-the-synergy-requirements-and-ranks/)


Combined with this game mode, it was an ideal game. You could level up the type of ship you wanted, skipping the ones you didn’t. It still took everyone the same amount of time to get from Point A to Point B in the tech tree, and players could play according to their ilkes and dislikes…


What you have now is a “1 size attempting to fit all but failing miserably” setup. Players can no longer play Arcade, or Hardcore. They are forced to play Arcade with 1 game mode being hardcore.


Players are now forced to play every ship type, regardless of whether they want too or not. They can no longer skip the Tackler, or Covert Ops in that type of ship category, as to get to the next tackler they are forced to grind the synergy on ships they don’t want to fly.


I personally liked Hardcore. It made battles more… realistic. Everyone wasn’t just going out in a complete fur-ball mess. People were using game mechanics which they utterly ignore now, such as sensor ranges, covert type flying, etc. It allowed for the battlefield to be much more dynamic than it is now.


I can’t even enjoy that in the current 1 Hardcore game type, because everyone plays it arcade like now, half of them not even realizing its hardcore until they lose 1 ship.


The game is a complete mess from what it was on multiple levels.

Perhaps hardcore games of all types should be in a new tab in the Custom Battles screen? It would be nice to be able to play the other game modes on hardcore occasionally.